Wake Up!

Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.

When I got this inked onto my forearms, it meant that I should aspire to live my dreams. Living and loving the moment.

As Michael Singer takes me on a spiritual journey, i wonder what does it truly mean to be an awakened individual. Being awake is being conscious. Or as Singer says:

 Once you become conscious of consciousness itself you are aware of who you are.

Did you get that? Read and reread until it connects. When you’re lost in a television show and jostled out of it, you come back to reality. You awaken. But nothing has actually changed. All you did was stop projecting your sense of self. You woke up. You are ware of yourself. Here I am as I have always been.

Stay conscious. Stay wake, rather than living in a sleeping state of drugs, sex, food, alcohol, television numbness. Fight to stay consious. Then the world you’re watching and conscious of is not a problem.

Stay awake!



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