Let the Energy Flow

You are an abundant source of energy.

I have made decent attempts in the past to explain the high I feel when truly inspired. Michael Singer’s Untethered Soul has enlightened me to the force behind the electric energy that pours off me when I feel this way- bursting with electricity.

We all have an inner energy. It doesn’t answer to the likes of food or tiredness. We have an infinite supply at our disposal, all the time. We can tap into it at any moment. Why aren’t we always pouring off these waves of energy then? BLOCKAGES. We block our thoughts and minds.

We close off our hearts. Why? It can be a past experience that has us conditioned to respond in a certain light. But the good news is we can change. All we have to do is be open. Relax, forgive, let go, release and open our minds and hearts to the world, rather than clinging to our problems.

What’s more this energy is not biased. We ALL are entitled to it, at ANY moment. The sun doesn’t shine brighter for some, but not others. The difference is the choices we make. Let your light shine. YOU control this, no one else is to blame.

What’s on the line by deciding to open rather than close? A full life experiencing high energy, love, enthusiasm. ALL the time. The only limit is your willingness to open.

Let go. Dare to be different. Enjoy all of life. Be conscious and open your heart!



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