Take a Moment and Be in Awe

Trade your knowledge for bewilderment. ~Rumi

I remember seeing somewhere by Dr Dyer, to live in awe and bewilderment. It is funny because I often just feel this way. Wow is the cliché response running through my head. But I  can’t help it. When positive, miraculous things happen in my life, I am struck with awe. Often I say its synchronicity or awareness, but lately it’s that like attracts like.

What set me into awe? A simple book. This book. My dear friend Mary and I have had some recent discussions about Jesus she shared this book with me.  I wasn’t just in awe that Mary had given me a book about Jesus, I was bewildered by the author. I found Gibran Kahlil last summer in a poetry book. I instantly banged out 3 blogs with his words, before I noticed that all the poems I had taken from the book were from him. I was drawn to him. In the Fall I found a used copy of The Prophet and I had to read it. Perfectly said and well written, I felt like he was writing to me. His message was so clear and so in sync with my own thought flow, that I was overtaken with the wow effect.

So when I found out Mary had delivered a book about one of our conversation topics and that it was by one of my favorite writers, I was stunned. Stunned how such wonderful things can just fall into my lap.

Another example. Lately, I’ve been raving about purpose and my new course of action. First step to the future is to establish my food blog. First step (besides acquiring the site and creating it) is a camera. I tell my dad. He requests a picture and hangs it on the frig to view. Thinking of me and my dreams. While talking to a friend (Jack), who happens to love photography, he discovers that Jack has a camera he is looking to sale. Call him, my dad says. So I hang up and instantly call Jack. When do you want to meet, I’ll let you take it and try it out to see if you like it? Two days later I have a camera beyond my wildest dreams in my hands. Jack hands over different lenses, a tripod, a case, a memory card, and a remote. Take as much time as you need with it. I could’ve have cried right there. Not just because I was one step closer to my dreams, but because I was so thankful. Thankful to know and have such giving people in my life. People who are compassionate and giving. People who believe in me and want to see me succeed. People who believe and my dream. Who want to help me.

It is a wonderful feeling. Put yourself out there, launch yourself out into the present, let your dreams be known. unleash your positive energy, and reap and be in awe of the rewards your receive (and then give some back too: be grateful)!


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