Beauty Bliss

Day 17

I really couldn’t get it out of my head: only 4% of women think they are beautiful. I have decided then to explore this. To let it remain in my head. To feed it. To give it wings and let it fly. To see what we can do, what can do to change this? The result is this radical page you find yourself staring at. Beauty Bliss is my journey. My journey to the thoughts of women (and men). What makes us feel unbeautiful? How can we change this? What are the secrets of this 4%? Naturally all journeys start with the self. I will give you my thoughts. My heart. My spirit. My beauty. Stay tuned, each week I will feature a new breathtaking woman with a vlog and photo. I will share her story.

Think about it, 4%! How can this be. Let’s do something. Let’s shift our self perspectives. Let’s raise this number. Let’s believe in each other. Let’s believe in our daughters. Let’s be the change.

Beauty Bliss with Brittany

This is my blog. If you go back you can feel and see my path to love. My path to self-love. It has taken time and it still gets tested, but if someone asked me this very instance how I felt about myself. If I loved myself? If I love my body? If I think I’m beautiful. My answer would be an immediate YES. Although, I never wanted to be anyone else, I did compare myself sometimes. Everybody told me how hot my sister was. It didn’t make me feel ugly, but it didn’t make me feel beautiful. Any doubt of my self-love comes when I compare myself to other. When I think I want something. When I think I’m not enough. However, when I stay in a loving state. When I love others as they are, when I love myself as I am, there is no envious energy. There is no fear, there is only love. This is me, I was given this face. This body. This life. I am going to appreciate it and do my best to embrace the experience. My shift to self-appreciation came in that choice of love. No one else made me decide to start loving myself. I decided to change how I felt. I decided to tell myself. To feel it myself. Growing up an artist I was an avid portrait sketcher. I was awed by human beauty. I would search for the right things. For the good. Something others may view as a flaw, I embraced as a breathtaking uniqueness. It would draw me in. It makes each person themselves. It made each picture different. Beauty is in all things, it is our jobs to seek it. To find it. To discover it. Today I love myself. I am beautiful. You are beautiful. I truly believe this. Won’t you join me?









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