533762_10100139842377023_1751305125_nMy name is obviously Brittany. The term ‘Follow your Bliss’ keeps popping up over and over, so I’ve taken the hint to add it here (plus my food blog is titled Bliss Delish, so now they sync up). I’m enthusiastic about living. I believe in staying true to yourself and your unique purpose. Dream BIG and go after them one step, one day, one commitment, one post, one person, one miracle at a time. Make life a great adventure and one wicked journey. Don’t hold back, this is your chance. Open your heart, open your mind and let the beautiful world be yours. Bath in the forest. Express yourself. Tell people you love them. Tell people they’re beautiful. Be thankful. Abundance in life is not just monetary and a collection of things. The little ordinary things in life are the one’s I cherish most. I gave up a house to live in a shed, to challenge myself to live simpler and need less. I gave away most of my clothes. I gave up my car, picked up a bike and used the power of my legs to commute. The more crap I took away, the more clearly I saw how beautiful my life already was. How rich in relationships, experiences, laughter and fun it was (it is). I took the time spent shopping or cleaning or worrying about stuff, to gain perspective and learn the value of a loving, thankful life.  The uncluttering process has led me to now, to purpose. I love to write. I love to hike. And I love to cook. I am stepping towards my intentions of a little market and roadside stand, before the big intention of a VW Food Bus with Paleo-Friendly, Gluten-Free, Local supported yumminess. From there I can create a forage market and cafe, have a huge farm. Create a healthy community. Write cookbooks. Write books. Take Pictures. The possibilities of what I can create with my intentions are limitless if I take it one step at a time and stay focused on serving and trusting the Universe. Thoughts are powerful, give attention to the right ones. Be vulnerable, share your dreams, and don’t be afraid to truly BE (one of my favorite words) yourself!

Connect with me I like to meet new people:

Twitter: @BritPaulin

Instagram: @bepaulin

Email: brittanypaulin@gmail.com


12 thoughts on “About

  1. I love the title of your blog…..It’s witty! It’s brilliant!
    I love Thoreau too! Some of the best damn advice came out of his head!!!!!

    • Oh wow, thank you so much I am really grateful that others can enjoy what I write. I think blogging and connecting with other bloggers is a great way to gain inspiration, which is part of the reason I love following your blog, you have a great perspective as well!

    • Welcome then, I’m very glad that you walked onto my site and that you find it entertaining. It helps me clear my head and sort my way through life so if others find it interesting, that is an extraordinary bonus (checked out your blog too and found it interesting as well).

  2. Hello there,
    Just leaving a comment to let you know I selected you as one of my 15 nominees for the Inspirational Blogger Award. If you are interested the rules are easy.
    1. Link back to your Nominator
    2. Share 7 things about yourself
    3. Display the Award Badge on your page
    4. Pass it on by nominating 15 blogs you find inspiring!

    • Oh my goodness thank you for the comments. I really appreciate them and they make me strive to be better and stay inspired. To feel one way, but then to be perceived in the same light is a blessing. THANK YOU!

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