Knowing What You Want

Asking increases your chances of receiving. Subscribe: #Truthbomb #Words #QuotesAsk for what you want. The Universe. People. They’re not just going to guess that you want something. Go for it. Allow it. Voice it. Talk about it. Write it down. Be open to the possibilities you can create. The beautiful changes awaiting you. The twists in the road (and the bumps along the way). Be bold. Know what you want. Listen to your heart. Follow your intuition and fucking go for it. This is your life. Your one opportunity, why not believe in yourself? Believe in your vision? Believe in your dreams? Even if you come up short in some way, isn’t it better that you gave effort, than to wonder: what if……..
I read all the time about manifesting and yet it still amazes me every time I do it. No matter how small. If you desire it. If you ask. If you pray. If you stay committed to your conviction it will happen. Not always right away. Not always exactly how you envision, but if you’re going to ask, also be prepared to receive.
When I look at back now, I am in awe of the changes that have come the last year. The gradual little tweaks. The manifesting. The magic of staying committed, because often times I was told no once or twice before I got what I wanted. When I moved back to Indiana, I loved a coffee shop. I saw myself getting a job at this local little spot, living in an apartment down the street, doing my own baking, and living a simple little life with freedom and fun.
Now two years later, after I got my mom a job at the local spot. After they told me no, I’ve got my job. After looking at apartments last year Continue reading


Filtering out the Bullshit

“As soon as I am out the door headed for a walk, I am hit with a breath of freedom. As soon as I am surrounded by trees, consumed by the woods, I filter out the bullshit. There is only me. There is only pristine clarity. JOY.” Me, Brittany.

This is the first thing I wrote in my journal yesterday (the lovely one with a Thoreau quote pictured above). And it is absolutely true. I have found myself slipping away from hiking as much lately (I want to hike everyday, I may make it out a couple of times a week). But for me I know I need  to be more committed. We all have ways we deal with life. Ways we explore our feelings (or often, ways we avoid our feelings). Ways we feel connected. Ways we reboot. Ways we refuel, recharge, energize. We all have things we are passionate about. I am passionate about being outside. Continue reading

Finding & Creating Places of Peace

After spending the afternoon on an impromptu room makeup, I contemplated the importance of finding and creating peaceful places. Where do you go to chill out? Where do you go for inspiration? Where do you feel calm? Where do you feel connected? Where do you feel you can surrender? Where do you feel most authentic? Where do you feel connected to yourself? To your dreams? To your desires? Where do you feel you can grow?

There is such a release in having not only a space which is organized and clean, but one that represents you and your state of mind. Coming down the stairs and into my room, I instantly feel reprieve. My shoulders drop. My breath is even and deep. I feel calm. More than that, I feel vulnerable. If someone else comes with me, it’s like letting them into my head. My heart. Into my deepest desires. My style. My swagger. My dreams. My creativity. My thoughts. It’s why my mom went to my shed when I was away in Colorado, it felt like me.

More than that though is the peace I mentioned. When rearranging my space, I wanted to make sure I have a place within this haven that I can practice peace. Lately at work, the girls have been asking, ‘How do I stay positive?’ ‘How do I de-stress?’ Firstly, I guess it’s flattering that I seem to have my shit together. But when I look at where I’ve come from, I realize the strides I’ve made. And the truth is I’ve practiced. I’ve chosen to chill out. I’ve decided to be an optimist. Looking at the bright side is Continue reading

You don’t know what you’re doing, and that’s okay

Loving yourself whether you are in a relationship or not is what makes you happy. No other human has the power to do that to you like you can.   ☯I told you everything was lining up for you; that the right people were headed your way; that the right things would be said; that you’d become a total love magnet; and that very little of this would be apparent as it was unfolding, yet in hindsight you’d see the stunning perfection.

It’s just that right now, you’re mostly in the unfolding part.

All is according to plan.

Oh thank you Universe for this truth bomb delivered to my inbox this morning. Occasionally I have these moments. Vulnerable moments, where I momentarily just need space to breath. A moment to cry. A moment to feel. Yesterday I had one such moment. I was socked in the gut with the realization that, “Brittany you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing.” It’s kind of a running joke with my dad that we say we know nothing. Or that we’re all winging. But when you are hit with it that you truly know nothing. That you are not in control. Well sometimes you (okay I) experience a less than graceful response.

Lately I have felt a little stuck. I have made loads of changes the last year. Looking back I can see that. That doesn’t mean I don’t feel restless. When I look at my inspiration, get your ass-in-gear boards at the bottom of the stairs, I prompt myself, “what are you doing for your dreams? What are you doing for your soul? How are you progressing towards your dream?” On one such day on a whim I got off work and filled out an application for another bakeshop in town. There weren’t any open positions and I didn’t really bank on them calling me. Like I said it was a whim. Then they called me for an interview. Enter the problem. My gut was off. I was having my strong intuition kick in. I thought about not taking it. It would be easy to stay and be complacent where I am.

Comfort. That bitch comfort zone got to me. I’ve gotten comfortable at the Pie Company. Comfortable with my routine. Comfortable with the people. I oddly even enjoy the chaos and my lovable (slightly crazy, but who isn’t) co-workers. I like going to work. But there is no movement. No mobility. And if I’m being honest I let it distract me from building and creating my own business because I’m there all the time making pies for them. The Pie Company has become a safety net for me. And I was afraid of leaving my comfort zone. Continue reading

Taking ACTion

Think about what actions make you the happiest and take those actions today! Whether its being kind to strangers, supporting a friend in need, or making steps to build a brighter future for yourself and your loved ones, happiness is available to all of us when we take the right steps. How will you create happiness for yourself and others today?I am a big fan of manifesting. I full on believe in putting out into the Universe what you from it. Ask and you shall receive. Law of Attraction. Dreaming BIG. Living your dreams. Meditating. BELIEVING. Letting go and knowing the Universe will take care of you. I also realize that you still have to take action in order to make some of this shit (or shift as my cousin Jacki says) happen. Looking back I often surprise myself with some of the bold, beyond comfort zone steps I’ve taken in recent years. But these big steps, these risks, these uncomfortable feelings are worth it, 100%. The most rewarding experiences of my life.

Let’s look at it. You want to travel the world? Okay you can think about. Make vision boards. Meditate on it. Tap on it. But you are not going to Europe without  buying that plane ticket. You still have to board the plane. If you want it, put some energy into it. The other day scrolling on pinterest I found this wonderful pin and it seemed to balance my feelings of living for today, while also working on goals. If you want a new inspiring job, you have to put out some applications. PUT IT OUT INTO THE UNIVERSE. A simple example is that a month ago I was relating to a friend that I was contemplating making waffles for the market. Boom, she had a waffle maker in her trunk and said I could use it.

When I get that stuck feeling or like things are changing or moving (although they constantly are) I look back to the steps I’ve taken. Then I think, okay you want to build. Start laying more bricks. I wanted to start my own food business. My three blissful states are: writing, hiking, and cooking. How do I live them? So I applied, and applied again to the farmer’s market. I got rejected not once, but twice. When they told me no I set my ass up on the side of the road with a little roadside stand. If you knew the ‘shy’ little girl I used to be, you would know how huge a leap this is to let people zoom past me in cars. To look at me. To look at my food. Living your dreams can be incredibly vulnerable, naked, and exposed feeling. But the love of cooking is stronger than the fear of being seen. Continue reading

Being Courageously You

Great quote

I think one of the most courageous acts we can make is to be ourselves, unapologetically and completely. To own our stories. To own our flops. To own our strengths. To be true to ourselves 100%. To live our dreams. To create our own vision. To express our actual feelings. To be vulnerable. To be weird. To be bold. To be different. To share. To share our heart. To share our souls. To sing out loud. To dance, even when others are watching. To paint our masterpiece. To write a badass book. To believe in ourselves. To believe in our potential. To say, “yes you can.”

One of my biggest challenges, but one of my biggest strengths, I believe is being myself. In a world, where others (media, society, family, friends) are trying to mold us into someone else, marching to your own beat is not really a standard. Again I say, “where is this rule book everyone is following to live a perfect, ideal, successful life.” Because I may believe in One and one love, but I think it is one love in billions of different, unique varieties. I’ve been told I was smart my whole life. You should be a doctor I’ve been told. You shouldn’t live in a shed. You shouldn’t ride your bike. Why don’t you get a ‘real’ job? When I say I want to go on certain travel adventures or hiking or color my hair purple or go hunting, one of my own dear friends like to tell me ‘no.’ I still say yes. Thanks for looking out for me, but I do not want to live a safe life. I want to live my life. Sing my song. Life is too precious to be anything other than yourself. To take bold action and risks. I’ve got this tattoo on my ribs that says:

Don’t fear death. Fear life unlived. Continue reading

When Life Says No: Create Soulutions

you will get thereWhat do you do when life tells you no?

I found myself at the market this weekend: no cookies. No muffin,s you can’t sell them. We don’t always get what we want. The market actually told me no 3 times before I got in. Patience and belief pay off, but what do you do in the meantime while you’re waiting on the bigger yes?

As I stood talking to other vendors about the limitations facing us due to the owners of the space and more restrictions from the health department, I found myself saying, “It’s okay.” I can make it happen. I think no is an opportunity. Our reactions to no is what really  matters.

The last three years I have been hit over and over with no. The bottom literally fell out of my post-college graduation dreams. I watched them completely crumble, til I was left feeling stripped, naked, and confused. Where do you go when your dreams shatter? And so I started re-building. And I’ve gotten knocked down repeatedly. I questioned: how many times can you fall and get back up? But I stayed up. I kept bouncing back. Being positive, being grateful are practices I HAVE to do. Not a nice idea, but what have kept me from drowning. As I realize that I’m in that phase, that building phase, I embrace. I embrace the journey. I embrace the no’s. I change how I think, how I feel. Want it. Ask for it. Allow for it to happen. Keep believing. Continue reading

Because I’m Happy

Driving through town the other day, this song started playing. I instantly smiled. I instantly started dancing. I instantly felt happier. That is powerful. I want to pass that on to you. Listen to it. Play it for someone else. I’ve played it for my friends for Gavin and Trenton, for the twins, for my mom. I’ve had dance parties. Share your joy. Boom that hit. We’re always searching for purpose. Before I’ve explored my purpose of being a loving being. But I believe too that our purpose is to be happy and joyful. We deserve to be happy and joyful. I don’t think we can save people, people can choose to save themselves. We can however, share our joy. We can do our best. In doing that we can help spread happiness.

One of the best things I’ve discovered on my spiritual return is that: I can be happy for no reason. Yep I said spiritual return. I used to call it a journey, and it is a journey, a return to spirit. It began when I read Dr. Dyer’s Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life and the Tao. We can sometimes stray from spirit in our conditioning. Here is my return to spirit. I used to believe I needed a reason to be happy. I needed to buy something. I needed to accomplish something. I needed to find something. Happiness always had an attachment. Then one day it hit: f***ing be happy. Period. Happiness is within. Its a state of being. Accept. Love it. Nurture it. Choose happiness. Let it out. Let it out of your heart, out of your spirit. If you want happiness, be happy. Continue reading

Jobs Are Like Relationships

time is limited  -Steve JobsWhat I have learned: in love you can fall for anyone, it doesn’t mean they’re the ‘right’ one (ie your soul mate). Same thing with a job. You can do or even like any job, it doesn’t mean you need to make the commitment leap. It can provide great learning. You work their for a reason, but it doesn’t mean you have to marry it. You learn and you realize you can change. We so often view success in stability and job security, with pretty bi-weekly pay checks and retirement funds. Why can we not date around in the job market, check out different types, truly discover our passions?

I am building dreams, I am creating my businesses, working on my brand. Slowly, but steadily it grows. My job at the hospital has helped me with this. I like the hospital. But intuition hit me: STOP. And so I went with my gut and I put in my two weeks. The same day I see a local restaurant standing out like a beacon. So I quit and put in an application at the same time. I do it immediately, act on the instinct. I walk in ask for a form, fill it out, turn it in all in a matter of minutes. Interview a week later and boom I’ve got my hands in an industrial kitchen. The hospital was good for a bit, Continue reading

The Busy Trap: A Dream Killer

Busy“I’m too busy.”

How often do we hear this? How often do we say this? When did we become too busy for our own lives? Too busy to spend time with our friends? Too busy to spend time with our families? Too busy to have conversations. Too busy to give time to another human beiing, talking and looking right at us, who is breathing and going through life just like us? Who wants to connect to us? Who wants to be loved? When did we become to busy to laugh, play or do anything remotely close to having fun? When did we start scheduling and itinerarizing our lives? Scheduling moments and memories? When did we stop being spontaneous? Give me a second let me check my schedule first. Let me pencil you in here for 20 minutes, because that’s all I have time for. Life is passing us by. We can’t get back this time we spend being busy. We can’t get back missed Holidays and stepping-stones with our children. We can’t take back the time we invested in the ‘real’ world, rather than investing in ourselves and our dreams. Into goals. Into creating a life that truly brings us joy. Because you know what, you can spoil your kids with gifts forever, but they would have rather had you sitting at their baseball game. For what?

What the hell are we so busy with that we can’t be present in our own damn lives? Why not make the most of our time? Why procrastinate and defer living? Instead of filling our time with busy work and things we need to do, why not fill it with our passions, with people? Why not take strides towards our dreams, rather than putting them on a box, on a self to be opened at a later time? Why let them collect dust? Why not share them? Why not build them? Why not take a freaking moment, one second today, right NOW to think about them. To ask for them. To believe in them. Why the deferred life plan? When you’re done sacrificing for the life you’ll one day have. The travels you’ll eventually get around too. All the time you’ll have with your kids, why not now? Because you know what, time does continue. You will age, your kids will grow. Those adventures are out their waiting. Continue reading