Filtering out the Bullshit

“As soon as I am out the door headed for a walk, I am hit with a breath of freedom. As soon as I am surrounded by trees, consumed by the woods, I filter out the bullshit. There is only me. There is only pristine clarity. JOY.” Me, Brittany.

This is the first thing I wrote in my journal yesterday (the lovely one with a Thoreau quote pictured above). And it is absolutely true. I have found myself slipping away from hiking as much lately (I want to hike everyday, I may make it out a couple of times a week). But for me I know I need  to be more committed. We all have ways we deal with life. Ways we explore our feelings (or often, ways we avoid our feelings). Ways we feel connected. Ways we reboot. Ways we refuel, recharge, energize. We all have things we are passionate about. I am passionate about being outside. Continue reading


Get Outside: TODAY

“The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quite alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature. As longs as this exists, and it certainly always will, I know that then there will always be comfort for every sorrow, whatever the circumstances may be. And I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles.”~Anne Frank

Today’s post kind of goes hand-in-hand with Monday’s post on Gratitude and a film by Louie Swartzberg. As I hiked through Turkey Run, the other day, sunlight streaming through the trees to light my face and soul it hit me: if I could recommend anything, it would be to get outside more. Go outdoors. Take your kids. Play. Explore. I have to hike everyday. It is good for my soul. For my thoughts.

In Nature I am my truest self. I can be me. It doesn’t matter what size I am. It doesn’t matter if I have make-up on. It doesn’t matter what job I have. It doesn’t matter how much money I have. I am COMPLETELY PRESENT. I am surrounded by the sweet symphony of Nature. The gaggle of geese. The sound of rustling leaves, as squirrels frolic around me. The babbling stream in front of me. The chorus of different birds, harmonizing around me. The soft patter of my feet, as I take off my shoes and explore the world around me. Each moment is perfect. Each moment in sync. I long to lose myself in the woods. Yet paradoxically I find myself there. I connect with my heart, with my thoughts, with my soul. I connect to my intuition. To the dreams of my heart. I connect and radiate the powerful energy flowing through me. I could sing, dance with the energy  threatening to brim over the top. Deeper and deeper I delve. The energy continues to spike.

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You Smell Like the Woods and Fresh Air

The best compliment I’ve gotten recently? You smell like outside. Excuse me? You smell like the woods, like air, like trees. YES! This feels like complete winning to me. I’d just finished a hike. I was soaring high and this had me exploding to be back in the woods. I’ve dug deep. I’ve searched for my passion. What brings me joy? When am I happiest? One of these answers is hiking. I have to hike, period. Why do I enjoy hiking so much?

I love hiking because I feel connected. I feel connected to Nature. I feel connected to myself. I feel whole. I feel perfect. I feel content. I feel complete bliss. We love being outside because nature is whole, perfect, and connected. We want a piece of that, so we seek refuge in the outdoors. When I was in Colorado I’d go to the mountains frequently. I was in such awe of them. I can just stare at mountains. But it was weird because in one aspect I felt so humbled. So small, in the sense that my ‘problems’ and ‘worries’ seemed so small. Why the hell am I taking this so seriously? Look around? What is there to be upset about? Nature does not judge you. Get over it. Get over yourself. Get out there. So even though my problems felt small, I then felt full of infinite possibilities and Continue reading

What Can I Create?

creativityI keep prompting myself with an assortment of questions: what do I want? What do I love doing? And now this week I find myself questioning:

What do you want to create?

I think the first two questions are essential to purpose, to igniting the passions in our life and giving us a direction, urging us to how we spend our time. Where we put our focus. This question today guides me more towards action. You have the dream, but what does it look like? Smell like? Feel like? What atmosphere are you creating? You’ve dreamed it, you’ve asked for it, you know you love it, now what do you do for it?

This year I have taken strides towards my dreams by getting into the farmers market, but after I left the market (besides the extreme high of feeling like this is where I belong) this week, I thought about: where do I go? I have this platform, now what? How do I dive in? What else do I want to do? Who do I want to become? What do I want to create with this? Especially as the new year approaches, that mental mentality of: let’s do better, sets in. Continue reading

You Are Extraordinary!

You. Yes you. You checking your email, flipping through your newsfeed. Behind your computer, behind your phone. You are full of infinite potential. You are extraordinary.

I’ve thought about being extraordinary before. I first read it in Dyer, and then I saw it at yoga, and most recently with my cousin Jacki. But then you have an experience. An experience when it clicks. When you embody it. When you truly understand what it means. You feel. You taste it. It consumes you. This week I set a goal:

October 17, 2012 is the day I hike up Pikes Peak and back down. Not only that, but I will climb to the top in 6 hours. Continue reading

Climbing Life’s Mountain

This is repetitive as I have written many drafts to get to this fully actualized piece. Climbing the mountain is about discovering your highest self. Often we never even leave the ground. There’s nothing wrong with this. It’s comfortable and relatively safe. Why leave? Sometimes we think we want to leave and make an initial assent, but we find ourselves at first wind. It’s uncomfortable as our heart rates and breathing skyrocket. This is where we often stop, so that our ideas never become anything more than hopes of grandeur. We don’t realize that our true life and dreams are just beyond. Continue reading

Get Lost


Not all those who wander are lost.

I embodied this quintessentially this weekend in my new Colorado playground. I think maybe we should move constantly, because everything seems so much more exciting when it is new. Because once the newness wears off, we don’t always see as vividly. We take for granted the people and surroundings. We become immune to life and its beauty. Continue reading

Mountain Meditation


When in doubt hike a mountain. Yesterday doubt started to creep into my mind. Usually I keep these thoughts shut out, but for some reason my usual reassurances of nothing being impossible were beginning to waver slightly. Today as we began our ascent I went through first wind. The slope was steep, my heart rate skyrocket and my comfort was tested. My conditioned memes came into place. Why am I doing this? This is uncomfortable, why would I want to go further? So often in life we face Continue reading

Take a Hike

Found this the other day and it made me stop and think for a moment. Yesterday I woke to a sunny day and decided to go to Turkey Run for the third weekend in a row. As I was driving through the Indiana countryside this once again popped into my head. I’ve been thinking that I need to get away to take a trip, but as I’m driving I think of what a ridiculous idea that is, when where I am is so right. Indiana is perfection right. Yesterday was sunny, but just cool enough, for the perfect temperature. It was green everywhere I looked, plus the blossoming trees added sparks of purples and whites. As I was hiking wild flowers blossomed in purples and whites as well, but this week there were added red ones. As I drove, listening and belting out my Celine Dion, I thought that happiness is right here where I am and it’s like the Thoreau quote that I frequently remind myself of:

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see

When I looked around yesterday, it seriously took my breath away. Driving, I decided that I was going to try to find Shade’s State Park. I didn’t have a map and refused to use the navigation on my phone, so needless to say I was lost. I notice that usual anxious feelings would come creeping up, but I would again remind myself of another Thoreau quote:

Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves Continue reading

The World through Heart-Shaped Glasses

Extraordinary, extraordinary, extraordinary; this word has been racing through my mind as I’ve been journeying into Dr. Dyer’s Wishes Fulfilled. As this weekend began I set off to discover just what it is like to lead an extraordinary life is like and to catalog and ponder upon it here. So set out with “What do extraordinary people do?” imprinted on my hand and a new-mind set. So put on your heart-shaped glasses and travel along with me. It began Saturday with me and mom whisking my nephews away from my sister to take them to the park to run up the hill. As they giggle and topple their way down the hill, with Trenton’s curly hair proceeding his legs, I can’t help but laugh and feel light-hearted. How lucky am I be here? To have these Continue reading