Finding & Creating Places of Peace

After spending the afternoon on an impromptu room makeup, I contemplated the importance of finding and creating peaceful places. Where do you go to chill out? Where do you go for inspiration? Where do you feel calm? Where do you feel connected? Where do you feel you can surrender? Where do you feel most authentic? Where do you feel connected to yourself? To your dreams? To your desires? Where do you feel you can grow?

There is such a release in having not only a space which is organized and clean, but one that represents you and your state of mind. Coming down the stairs and into my room, I instantly feel reprieve. My shoulders drop. My breath is even and deep. I feel calm. More than that, I feel vulnerable. If someone else comes with me, it’s like letting them into my head. My heart. Into my deepest desires. My style. My swagger. My dreams. My creativity. My thoughts. It’s why my mom went to my shed when I was away in Colorado, it felt like me.

More than that though is the peace I mentioned. When rearranging my space, I wanted to make sure I have a place within this haven that I can practice peace. Lately at work, the girls have been asking, ‘How do I stay positive?’ ‘How do I de-stress?’ Firstly, I guess it’s flattering that I seem to have my shit together. But when I look at where I’ve come from, I realize the strides I’ve made. And the truth is I’ve practiced. I’ve chosen to chill out. I’ve decided to be an optimist. Looking at the bright side is Continue reading


Wanting Less in a World of More

"Don't confuse having less with being less, having more with being more, or what you have with who you are." - Unknown #simplify #freeprintableI have been moving. After spending three-years in my little shed, I have ventured into town into the basement of my friend Chelsey’s new home. After spending so much time simplifying, I am now faced with the temptation of wanting. When my friends are going to TJMaxx or Hobby Lobby or searching the internet for more stuff, my ego sometimes gets caught up. I’ll catch myself thinking, “maybe I need more clothes or candles or more _______ (insert something material).” In a world, rather a society, where we are constantly striving and wanting more, how can we want less? How can we be content with what we have? When do we stop buying more stuff?

This really has been on my mind the last month. What I’ve found to accompany the want is more future tripping. So how do you step away from it? How does the law of attraction want and what do I want thing play into this?   Life is happening now. How can I be present and fulfilled in the present moment if I’m thinking of future acquirements and goals obtained? It is an ebb and flow in my thoughts. Here is what I have found for myself.

I need to go Danielle LaPorte style and ask myself, “how do I want to feel.” Boom this is where the journey all starts. Rather than ask what do I want to buy, ask how you want to feel. Shift. Transition. Perspective turn. I find in asking myself how I want to feel, I realize that I am capable of those feelings now. I cannot forgot what simplifying and living in my shed did to my perspective. When I gave up all my shit and taking care of it, I gained life. It is amazing the abundance awaiting you when you let go. Letting go of my material possessions, brought my soulful possessions to the surface. My gratitude soared. My appreciation for my family and friends multiplied. It filled my heart up 100%. My gut and intuition voices spoke louder and clearer. I got in tune with myself, with my dreams, with my passions, with what drives me. I spent my days doing more of what made me happy. I hiked. I wrote. I started my own baking business. I started speaking my truth. I started owning my authenticity. I valued time more. I started loving more. I gained freedom. Freedom to travel. To say yes. To fly. Continue reading

Warning: Dreams Under Construction

After reading the Law of Attraction, my new practice to 1. Know what I want and 2. Ask for it. One of the things I ask for is to build and live in my dreams. What I have found is that dreams come by building. Brick by brick you lay the foundation. You put on the hard hat and you get to work. A big sign out front reads, “Warning: Dreams Under Construction.” Dreams take time. Houses take time to build (Rome wasn’t built in the day). There’s the stage of initially asking and then there is the time for allowance. Don’t stop building. You work each day to lay more bricks. It can be just one brick today, but that one brick brings you closer to the whole house.

Dream building can be small. I want to write a cookbook/I am writing a cookbook. Each day I Continue reading

Say a Little Prayer for Me

Pray!  My daughter at 8, Becky,  prayed "O Lord, heal Greg, Please heal Greg,"  then lookin' up from her knelt position on the floor, said , "Well Lord, aren't u going to heal him?" That's expectation!  by the way...Jesus healed him!I give thanks everyday. I pour out all the gratitude I have, but a tiny part of me is still afraid to ask. I love my dreams. I breathe them. I hold them. They take over my thoughts. I want them. But they still terrify and excite me at the same time. I love life and each moment so much, but I am afraid of my true potential. Of what I can really create. Maybe part of the equation is the lingering doubt of whether it is deserved. Or I’m afraid it’s selfish to ask. Maybe I’m a little scared of the laws of attraction and manifesting. I can really have that? All I have to do is ask and be patient?

I am reading Eat, Pray, Love. I stopped at work one night. I stopped and felt inspired to pray. Ask Brittany, the little (no take that back the powerful, intuitive voice) told me to go ahead and pray myself. So I did. I prayed for a life a purpose. A life of passion. A life of service. I asked to be a loving being. To give love and be loved. And then I asked for my dreams. Let me create them. Let me take action. Let me step closer to them. Let me love my dreams more than I fear them, so doubt is a only a minor hiccup.

That same night I receive an email from the farmer’s market saying a baker has dropped out, and they can resubmit my application. Boom, just like that I’m in. Boom, right there I’ve taken a big step into my dreams. I’m standing in them. I was beyond terrified, yet the enthusiasm, excitement and rightness of the prospect kept me in the loving, let’s do epic shit state of mind.

This is one of those miracles all the spiritual gurus talk about. This is the law of attraction. This is the Secret. This is manifesting. This is awesome! All I had to do was ask? What can we bring and create in our lives if we let go and finally allow ourselves not only to dream, but to live in these dreams, to let them happen?

Ask! Say a little prayer? Don’t be afraid to ask: what do I want? Then embrace it with a big bear hug and live in the dream, no matter how big or small.

What Success Means to Me

This week as I’ve dug deep and committed to creating the vision book of my dreams, I had to ask myself: what is success to me? What does a well-lived for life look like? As I began to focus on what is important to me, I realize how much this definition has changed. The book is an idea of what I see for my life, something to manifest while I live in the moment. Along the way there will be trials and different trails and I will fall down (I hope to, that’s when I learn the most). But what matters on this journey is my mindset.

What success means to me:

Living passionately. Loving all the people surrounding me. Living without judgement. Forgiving in a moment rather than being hostile. To let go. To hug, laugh, smile, and radiate positive energy. Be thankful for the those surrounding me. Loving what I do. Live my purpose full of passion, in an environment that let’s me be creative and stay inspired. Staying true to who I am and my vision. Letting my passion benefit and serve others.

To see the world, in the sense of seeing constantly with new eyes. To see beauty in everyone. To find beauty in the ordinary of everyday. To look upon life as a gorgeous vision that I get to participate in daily. Continue reading

Positive Attraction

Pinned ImageDo you ever feel like something bigger than yourself is leading you? Guiding you towards what you need in life?

I do sometimes and yesterday was one of these times. These chances/opportunities usually when I’m open and aware. Yesterday I was strolling through the library giddy with my finds, ready to check out, when I pause at the inspirational aisle. I already have a handful of great books and some motivating books at home, but something urges me to stop and look. My gut if you will generously seeking to help me out. Rather than question, because then fears, memes and excuses can come into play I duck into the row. The first book I look at is Dying to Be Me. A book I had read about in Dr. Dyer, I eagerly grab it excited, heart racing at the potential (that is what I love about books and the library. Sometimes rather than hiking or baking, I go to the library or book store to realign my thoughts. To get creative and motivated. Just like I wrote about love last week: it is the potential that sets me into a blissful mindset. The possibility of knowledge gain, of inspiration, of a great tale to lose yourself in, another life to live if only for a moment). I step to the next row of towering books and the first book to catch my eye is a thin light blue bound book: Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. I’d seen his first interview on OWN in August and my father has been on a waiting list for two months to get it (the library there has ten copies too!) and here it is right in front of me. Continue reading

Thanks for Thankfulness

Pinned ImageIt’s funny how as my thoughts change, so does my Holiday preference. Don’t get me wrong I’m still a Halloween lover and the nostalgia of Christmas traditions and snows sends me into a euphoric state, but a day to celebrate thanks is something I can really enjoy.

Living from gratitude is something I focus on each day.

Being thankful has saved me.

It has made me a better person.

It has filled me with richness.

It has made me love harder.

To live more. To appreciate life. To be enthused about my life.

It has mae me not take others for granted. It has allowed me to see them. To see beauty. To see the world as beautiful.

It has helped me get through set-backs and challenges in my life. Continue reading

Valuing Time

Me and Dad focusing on time spent together

Excuse #17: I’m too busy.

Time, how my perspectives on time have evolved. How much I value it now. How conscious I am of how I spend it. Time is the greatest gift. Who cares about t-shirts from a state someone else visited that rat, age, and become used for cleaning or painting? We remember moments. We remember time spent together. Continue reading

Enjoy it! You Deserve It

When I first read Excuses Begone I initially dispelled #5: I don’t deserve. I honestly thought that was a silly excuse. But a few months ago I wrote a post because I realized that was a fear I had. That I am so willing to give all of myself and what I have to anyone else or the world, but I retract at having attention or love or gifts reciprocating. I would be in such awe that someone could feel the same way about me. That someone could be thinking of me. And so I added it to my nightly affirmations: I AM deserving of love, attention, success, wealth, of living my dreams.

This morning that excuse began to creep itself into my thought flow. Today is stunning in the Springs. Perfect temperatures in the Continue reading

Regaining Perspective

I have never felt so clear in my thoughts. More comfortable in my own skin. I’ve never loved myself this much. I feel that at least 90% of the time I feel this way. I feel like this great extraordinary young women that I write about. Sometimes I find myself entertaining thoughts that conflict with this: fear, worry. With all this security and clarity, the one area where I hold myself back the most is finances. I see and feel abundance around me. Surrounded by opportunity. Honestly if I was just looking after myself I would have a thought about money, but owning a business I need it to fulfill my purpose. So I find myself on bill paying day or confronted with these financial set-backs (all lessons for me to learn from) with thoughts I don’t like (and which I am aware that I am creating). But then I think of the post I wrote for work the other day about creating new habits. To deal with or break the cycle of potential worry, fear, or feelings of scarcity, I have to practice or find things that refill me with abundance. Today I was reading some of my old post (yes occasionally I reread my old post to reinspire myself) and it was right there in front of me, I had already written it in The Bigger Picture. Sometimes when we’re going through struggles or things that challenge us, that make us worry, we are consumed by them. We are consumed with our own thoughts. Like when I have clients in the middle of a change, I tell them in the beginning to take a picture because sometimes while you’re changing you forget where you came from because you’re so thick into it. Take a step back. Continue reading