This is It

 “Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.” Robin Sharma

It’s funny that this popped up on my Pinterest board because I’ve been thinking along these lines lately. Recently I’ve had several conversations about safety and security. I’ve always been told I’m a dreamer. I’ve been told how/who to be. You’re smart, be a doctor. Do something where you make more money. Don’t ride your bide, drive. Or at least let me give you a ride. Don’t live in a shed. Don’t you want heat? Why are you going to California? Aren’t you scared? Are you really hiking by yourself? Why start your own business? Are you making money? Save for retirement. Maybe you need someone to bring you out of the clouds. You could do anything, are you sure this is what you want? Why change?

I believe in infinite possibilities. I believe in passion. I believe in taking risks. I believe in dreams. I believe in my dreams. I believe in me.

I am also afraid of delayed living. I am terrified to wake up when I’m 80 and realize I’ve live how I should, but feel completely unfulfilled. I’m afraid of not listening to my heart. To my intuition. I’m afraid of not falling in love. Of never knowing its pleasures and pain. I’m afraid of exchanging passion for mindless work and a paycheck. I’m afraid of not embracing those little moments. Kisses. Smiles. Laughter. My nephews. I’m afraid of missing out on life in the here and now. Of knowing there is a mountain out there calling my name and I never answered, because I was waiting…..waiting for everything to line up ‘perfectly’. But then perfect never comes. I’m afraid of smothering my creativity. Of editing to please everyone, rather than digging into my own imagination and letting the right people come to value what I have to offer. I’m afraid of letting my voice be stifled. Of remaining silent and let someone else narrate. Continue reading


Being Courageously You

Great quote

I think one of the most courageous acts we can make is to be ourselves, unapologetically and completely. To own our stories. To own our flops. To own our strengths. To be true to ourselves 100%. To live our dreams. To create our own vision. To express our actual feelings. To be vulnerable. To be weird. To be bold. To be different. To share. To share our heart. To share our souls. To sing out loud. To dance, even when others are watching. To paint our masterpiece. To write a badass book. To believe in ourselves. To believe in our potential. To say, “yes you can.”

One of my biggest challenges, but one of my biggest strengths, I believe is being myself. In a world, where others (media, society, family, friends) are trying to mold us into someone else, marching to your own beat is not really a standard. Again I say, “where is this rule book everyone is following to live a perfect, ideal, successful life.” Because I may believe in One and one love, but I think it is one love in billions of different, unique varieties. I’ve been told I was smart my whole life. You should be a doctor I’ve been told. You shouldn’t live in a shed. You shouldn’t ride your bike. Why don’t you get a ‘real’ job? When I say I want to go on certain travel adventures or hiking or color my hair purple or go hunting, one of my own dear friends like to tell me ‘no.’ I still say yes. Thanks for looking out for me, but I do not want to live a safe life. I want to live my life. Sing my song. Life is too precious to be anything other than yourself. To take bold action and risks. I’ve got this tattoo on my ribs that says:

Don’t fear death. Fear life unlived. Continue reading

Dream Builder: I am a business owner

As I sat surrounded by friends at a bar called Skid Row discussing my friends Kayla’s soon to be graduation from dental school and Chelsey’s house buying, I thought: what the hell am I doing? And then I shake myself and realize, not only am I rocking at being me, but I am a business owner. I don’t know why it never connected before that moment, but I never thought of myself as the creator of my own company, the designer of my own brand. I filled out the paperwork. I constantly put myself out there. I am building and that is beautiful.

We all have our own exciting selves to bring to the world. Our own passions to pursue. Our own purposes and voices to make heard. Our own ideas. We can do it. Gradually we can make our dreams become reality. But first we must start. First we must declare what we want. Actually we have to know what we want. We have to know what we like. What are you passionate about? I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with people and they look at me blankly. Well, what makes you happy? More blank looks. It’s almost like we are afraid to dream. Afraid to be happy. Afraid to have what we want. Afraid of passion. What will others think of my ideas? Shut up the critics. Shut up your own fears and doubts and take action.  Continue reading

Beauty Bliss: Katie

Only 4% of women think they’re beautiful.

This is my awesome sister-in-law Katie. She graciously sat down with me to share with me her thoughts and feelings about beauty (note: the knocking in the background is her twin babies who were excited to hear what mommy had to say).

She too agreed with all the other women I’ve spoken with: 4% sucks. Okay, so I think we as women are at the first step-awareness. We seem to ‘know’ to accept ourselves, but somewhere along the line we falter. We question and get tripped up. Katie says the media is a part of this. We feel good, our husbands find us beautiful, but something holds us back from that all-consuming self-love. We look in magazines and on t.v., and that little voice starts to unravel us. We are told, ‘that is beautiful.’ Well if that is beautiful, and I don’t look like her, Continue reading

Perspective Shift

We are really good at talking and wanting, but somewhere along the line we get stalled at the start line. What is holding us back?

Last month I went to a built environment seminar (click the link to find out about it- it was radical). I came away wanting to ride my bike and walk more.  I wanted to sell my car and simplify more. After a month of keeping the thought in my head, yesterday I finally started. I took to the highway with my 1970’s Slick Chick Schwinn and used my powerful, capable legs to get me where I needed to go. Why did I not do this a month ago? As I was cruising along on a perfect day, I had such clarity. When we want to change something or we’re going to trek out and do something new, the anticipation wrecks us. It creates this drama filled illusion. Your mind and ego want to keep you ‘safe’ and the same. It tries to influence. It tells you, ‘This is going to be hard.’ Why do you want to do that?’ it taunts. It makes your feel afraid or anxious. You stall. You question instead of leaping, you stay at the starting blocks. You stay the same. The mind and ego are gluttons too. They wine and want to be constantly fed.

Shift your perspective. Don’t pay them any mind. Make a Continue reading

Busting through Your Blockages

Let your blockages become the fuel for your journey.

Damn, this is some powerful thought right here. Watching Gabby tv (Gabrielle Bernstein, check her out), I’ve been introduced to some meditations for breaking down blocks. But this beauty up above came to me from Michael Singer and The Untethered Soul.  Evolving spiritually means busting through blockages.

We have the choice: build the block higher or take them down. But how, do we begin to free ourselves from the weight of the walls?

  • ·         Acknowledge. Be aware that something inside you needs to be released
  • ·         Sit atop the seat of awareness. Watch it come in.
  • ·         Let it pass. Now that you see it. Let it go Continue reading

Redefining Strength

Growing up in the world of sports and weight training, I’ve come to associate strength mainly with physical. But today it hit me that strength is more than that. Strength is not about the number of pull-ups you can do or the weight that you bench press. We let these numbers define who we are. We throw them out like they place value on our lives. We live by the number on the scale. If it goes up or down it makes us a different person. But in reality no matter the weight, we are the same person on the inside. Our thoughts can be the same. But we let the fluctuating number tell us what we are worth and how to feel. When are are in school, we live for the GPA. That number tells us how smart we, how successful we’ll be in the future, where we’ll go to school. We get so caught up in it and for what? Honestly I couldn’t tell you what my GPA in high school or college was and I was studious and all about showing how ‘smart’ I was. In the real world that number didn’t matter. Will it really matter when your 50 that you can go around saying once upon a time you could bench 300 pounds. Does it change you?

Passion matters. A drive and purpose fueling you into action. Like my quantum moment  post, you create your job based on this passion. Strength is not a number. It isn’t being tough and not showing emotions. As I’ve begun to inch closer to my true self, my thoughts on these things have evolved. Today I began to redefine what strength means to mean (for every person it will be different).

Strength is being true to yourself. Being compassionate to others people, but also being unafraid to be yourself. To share what’s on your mind. To bold and honest. Honesty is one of the biggest strengths and something valuable.

Strength is confidence and belief in yourself. My most memorable lifts are ones when I finally let go in believed in my own power and abilities. When let go of the limiting thoughts and doubt.

Strength is being better, focusing on the good you can do today, not the tragedies of yesterday. The power of presence.

Strength is uncomfortable conversations. Talking to my mom about drinking is stronger than avoiding it and pretending it doesn’t exist because I don’t want to ‘hurt’ her or because confrontation makes me uncomfortable.

Strength is vulnerability. Dealing with shame and not hiding. Being exposed is strength. Letting people see you as you are. Crying and showing emotions is stronger, than holding it in so as not to be perceived as ‘weak’.

Strength is dancing for everyone to see, singing loudly and laughing jovially. Continue reading

Believe in Someone

Pinned ImageThe last couple of months I’ve really focused on self empowerment. In believing in your own greatness. Your own genius. To realize you are extraordinary. To live without boundaries and limitations. This week it really hit me how powerful it is to believe in others along the way and not just yourself.

We picked up my cousin Dane for the first time since Christmas. My uncle informs us how much better Dane has been. His school is improving, he has stopped cursing, he is getting along better with his siblings and step-mom, and even went to church with them. He has new glasses, new eyes. He has a new hair cut. He is on the up. Continue reading

(Wo)Man in the Mirror

2013-01-11I thought I was done with Deepak’s Spiritual Laws of Superheroes but in writing a post for super health, I realized their was something I’d like to share personally with myself and with you. What I liked was his take on image. Our self-image. When you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you love what you see? Do you love the person you see? Are you wishing for something else? What Chopra pointed out is that the image is so much more than the physical image we take a picture of. It is constantly changing. Bones and tissues are being repaired and replaced for example. We are not just what we see in our reflection:

You are all the personal moments and memories of your history that have Continue reading

Create Your Life

Pinned ImageCreate: my thought of the moment. With the holidays and last month’s work challenge to post a recipe a day, I realized the importance of being creative. When we moved to Colorado I discovered my passion for it. For making anything with my hands. Of having a vision come to life before my eyes. Whether it was painting and transforming a building, or putting together a brochure or drawing a picture or sewing a scarf or cooking, I like making things with my own two hands. During the holidays spending time in the kitchen and sewing scarves I realized the power to create comes in believing. Believing in the vision. Believing in your skills. Believing you are the best sewer. The best baker. To put forth my best work I had to believe I could do it.

Now it is the new year. A time signifying new chapters, new beginnings. In previous years I would have clichly bucked resolution out of an unwillingness to be conventional. I lost the meaning. This new year is a mark. A sign to reflect back. How was this last year? What did I like? Continue reading