Filtering out the Bullshit

“As soon as I am out the door headed for a walk, I am hit with a breath of freedom. As soon as I am surrounded by trees, consumed by the woods, I filter out the bullshit. There is only me. There is only pristine clarity. JOY.” Me, Brittany.

This is the first thing I wrote in my journal yesterday (the lovely one with a Thoreau quote pictured above). And it is absolutely true. I have found myself slipping away from hiking as much lately (I want to hike everyday, I may make it out a couple of times a week). But for me I know I need  to be more committed. We all have ways we deal with life. Ways we explore our feelings (or often, ways we avoid our feelings). Ways we feel connected. Ways we reboot. Ways we refuel, recharge, energize. We all have things we are passionate about. I am passionate about being outside.

Yesterday, the moment I stepped outside, I was filled with complete bliss. The instant I hit the trail on my bike and the wind is in my hair, everything is perfect. In nature I am perfectly content. I LOVE being by myself. It is were I connect with myself and my dreams. It’s where I go to unwind. So often we get caught up in life’s busyness. Stuck in a loop of schedules and to-do lists. Caught up in trying to be someone. Trying to please people. Trying to be loved and liked. We need outlets to stay connected to ourselves and our dreams.

To me the woods is that sanctuary. The place I profess my dreams. Where I bear my heart. Where I listen to my intuition. Where I am guided by my soul. Where I figure out my next step. Where I recommit to my purpose. It’s where I am whole. Where I am perfect. Where I am in awe. Where I stop. When I allow presence to wash over me. It’s where my creativity flows. Where I take photos. Where I write blogs in my head (or where I actually write when I pack my journal). Where I develop recipes. Where I come up with projects. Where I plan my markets. It’s where I allow myself to be peace. Where I pause at the edge of the labyrinth, take a breath and proceed to the center to meditate and let go. It is where I feel most free (my core desired feeling).

If2qHl5WzizsM9oxQaKds60f1_LcIiAEx4homggn7Tw=w640-h480-noThe kitchen is like home and an oasis to me, but it is the woods that is always calling. It is perfect. I constantly go back to the mountains. The feelings I got being in the mountains. The paradox. They made me feel small. They made my problems seem small. And yet they also filled with such potential. But it was perfect. Beautiful. It filled me with awe. I remember moments of such presence. Such surrender. Times when I’d look up and it was all so perfect and breathtaking. Moments when I’d drop to my knees. When I HAD to stop. Moments when I wept. Not because I was sad. But because I was reminded what a beautiful, magical thing life is.

And so I challenge myself. Get out there. Surround yourself in trees. Filter out the bullshit of every day living and go to the woods to find yourself.


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