Finding & Creating Places of Peace

After spending the afternoon on an impromptu room makeup, I contemplated the importance of finding and creating peaceful places. Where do you go to chill out? Where do you go for inspiration? Where do you feel calm? Where do you feel connected? Where do you feel you can surrender? Where do you feel most authentic? Where do you feel connected to yourself? To your dreams? To your desires? Where do you feel you can grow?

There is such a release in having not only a space which is organized and clean, but one that represents you and your state of mind. Coming down the stairs and into my room, I instantly feel reprieve. My shoulders drop. My breath is even and deep. I feel calm. More than that, I feel vulnerable. If someone else comes with me, it’s like letting them into my head. My heart. Into my deepest desires. My style. My swagger. My dreams. My creativity. My thoughts. It’s why my mom went to my shed when I was away in Colorado, it felt like me.

More than that though is the peace I mentioned. When rearranging my space, I wanted to make sure I have a place within this haven that I can practice peace. Lately at work, the girls have been asking, ‘How do I stay positive?’ ‘How do I de-stress?’ Firstly, I guess it’s flattering that I seem to have my shit together. But when I look at where I’ve come from, I realize the strides I’ve made. And the truth is I’ve practiced. I’ve chosen to chill out. I’ve decided to be an optimist. Looking at the bright side is something over time that I have trained myself to do. I am better and quicker at catching myself choosing anger or pity parties. I snap back into contention and joy easier. Because I practice. I am peaceful, because I practice often. I make time for it.

I have found and created spaces for peace. When I want to meditate at home I go to my cozy corner. A gathering of pillows, lavender candles, my smudge stick, Desire Map and A Course in Miracles close by. A space set aside for ritual. For release. For vacation. For breathing. For letting go. For opening up.

Hiking. Going to the woods, the mountains, amongst the trees, that has been where I have lost and found myself so many times over the past few years. Where I go to sort out my head. To listen to my heart. To follow my intuition. To dig deep. To reconnect with myself, my desires, my dreams, my thoughts, my wants. It is where I build my dreams. Where I find inspiration. Where I get creative. Where I am. Where I find beauty. Where I discover the magic of living. Lately, I even have a specific site I go. A local park (Hawthorne) has a labrinyth that has been calling to me. And so repeatedly I find myself there. I go straight to the center, plant myself there and literally center myself in the middle of the maze. As I sit in the midst of the challenges, dead ends and waves of life, I find the constant peaceful seas within me. I go back to my purpose. Back to my breathing. And so I once again find and am peace.

How essential it has been lately, as I ponder, build, and take actions towards my dreams, to find and create these places of calm, realignment.



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