Because this Life is Pretty Magical

6pig-Rv8Uf3uer8G7y0W6NORwkFeaErSpvxathXijSc=w932-h524-noPart of me struggles with this social media thing. Projection vs. sharing I guess. Perception? When I think of getting rid of it, what keeps me hanging on?

As I rode home today on my bike, post hike, I looked off into the most breathtaking sunset. I literally had to stop for a moment and soak it all in. Dumbfounded by the cars blazing by, all the while I stood not able to get my fill. I wanted to take a picture. I know I can never quite capture the whole awe-consuming beauty of the experience, but part of me wants to remember and remind myself of the beauty that this life has to offer.

And so I thought, that part of me shares because I’m that hippy girl who likes to think positive. In a world with abundant negative energy, criticism, bitching, and judgement, it is refreshing to be a voice for all things positive. An eternal optimist if you may. I think life is magical. I think this world is beautiful. And so I share things, people, and places that I find beautiful. I will post nature shot after nature shot because it brings me peace. It’s my place. My place to breathe. My place I go and  feel at once complete. Where I feel content. The moment feels perfect. I can throw my head back. I can have the sun beam down on my face, or sometimes have the rain wash over me. Regardless of what the weather is, my heart always longs to go there. And so I share to remind myself too that this world is a beautiful place. I share because it is good with my soul. It’s authentic to me. Not because I want others to think I’m cool for hiking or whatever I post, because it is something joyful. Because I’m with people I love. Because I’m doing something for my dreams. Because I can’t get it out of my head. Because it’s funny to me.

050And then there is the reciprocated positivity. It’s like telling someone I love you. Or in giving. I just enjoying doing things for others. Tell me you’d like some banana bread and I’ll bring you some in to work. Because I want to. Because I enjoy baking. Simply because you said you wanted some. I bake the bread for these reasons, not because I think/hope/want you to pay me for it. Because it satisfies my soul. But the mere thanks and gratitude that often comes with giving, is satisfying and humbling enough.  Or it’s the unexpected compliments. Or the smiles you can bring. The day I posted my tutu, my friend Eunice told me she smiled all day just knowing I was strolling around town in tutu. What an expected gift. Smiles. Laughter. Yearning. Adventure.

I share because it’s all beautiful. I write because it feels good. It makes my soul shine. It allows me to breathe. And it often makes me smile (although sometimes it makes me cry, self discovery can be overwhelming and humbling sometimes). I share because this life is a beautiful, magical experience. Because this world needs more positive energy, thinkers and believers.


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