BE Kind

[Kindness is] a big deal, and it touches every single thing in your life.  Ali MacGrawWhat do you want to be your legacy?


The Dalai Lama said, “My religion is kindness.” Growing up kind was such a little word. But it is a big deal.

I have not gotten this out of my head since I heard it from Ali MacGraw on Super Soul last week. It flickers in and out of my head. A complete and utter aha moment. Kindness does matter.

I often am contemplating dreams. How do I live the life I want? What can I do better? But more important than doing better, is how can I be better? How am I treating people? Honestly. Reflect. How are you treating others? How’s your energy?

Are you snapping out in stress? Are you rushing and making others feel like you don’t have time for them? Or are you open? Are you open to their thoughts? Open to soul sharing? Are you physically open? Can you embrace others? How often do you smile? How often do you give a smile to someone else? What an inexpensive gift to give: a smile. How often do you give compliments? How often do you listen? Truly listen. How often are you accepting of others? How often are you judging?

Are you kind?

In the quest and journey to your dream life, are you also being kind? Why does it matter if you climb that mountain, publish that book, snag that dream job, cook amazing food, travel the world, if you are not also touching people. Growing up we are taught to achieve. Singularly focused on ‘success’. Being smart is valued. Performing is important. Striving for more. We are molded. But are we molded to be kind? As Ali says, growing up kind seems like a small word. But kindness truly is a BIG deal. How more fulfilling is life if we do great things with great love. Put love (kindness) into every act. Everything you write. Everything you say. Put it into the food you cook. Infuse it into your energy. Let others feel it. Put kindness into your interactions. Whether it’s your neighbor, your waiter, a stranger on the streets, the clerk at the grocery store, the person passing you with their dog at the park, your roommate, your lover, you mom.

Be conscious of being kind.


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