What's your goal?

Recently it has come to my heart (actually its managed to manifest its way into my life a lot recently) lately that something key in life, especially when it comes to dreams, is starting. Taking a first step. And then another. Striding towards the life of our dreams. Closer to love. Closer to our dream job. Closer to our desires. Closer to ourselves. How important it is merely to START. Where do dreams begin? With the thought. With the seed. But first you must actually put the seed into the ground.

What do you lose by starting? While pondering this the other day, I opened up my Gabby Bernstein to a page about showing up. How 90% of life and change is showing up. So do it. First, put yourself in a position for change. Start.

Start a new exercise routine. Show up to a kettlebell class. Get your ass on a yoga mat. Stand at a trail head. Put your running shoes on.

Start meditating. Get calm. Get chill. Make a meditation playlist. Light some candles. Close your mind. Learn some mantras. Study some mundras. Emerse yourself in silence. Relax. Make time. Create a time and space to let go. To let light in.

Start your dream job. Create a website. Start a blog. Start writing. Start drawing. Whatever it is, start doing it. For example: I want my own farm to forkesque cabin cafe in the woods. And before that I want a VW food bus. So I started immersing myself in the kitchen. I work as a cook and baker. I work for a business with a food truck. I sale and bake my own stuff for our local farmer’s market. I started my own website. I blog. Each week I start writing. I start taking photos. Start sharing. Start collaborating. Start networking. definitely got one of these going

Start saving. If you want to travel start putting money into an adventure job.

Start loving. Say it. Show it. Allow others to love you. Be vulnerable. Connect. Start letting people in. Start loving others.

Whatever it is: START IT TODAY!let's start at the very beginning...


One thought on “START!

  1. Great post! Love that quote about showing up, so true. I think there’s a tendency to surprise ourselves if we just take that first step. Change quickly becomes your new routine and things take off from there. Sitting by wishing for something won’t get it down. Have to put in the time and effort.

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