Bliss the Brand

I like what it's saying more than the actual designBreak times have become my Desire Map times. The other day just opening the book I was hit with a lightening hot streak of intuition and creativity. Luckily there was a whole blank page for me to scribble ideas onto. I couldn’t write fast enough to keep up with all the ideas flowing through me.

I’ll confess my old job had become a bit of distraction, but this new change, the uncertainty I’ve been experiencing in my life, the waves and roller coaster I’ve been on lately, and the book I’ve been reading lately, have me reconnecting me with my dreams. Do you ever feel stuck? I got into the market. I love being there every week. What next? How do I want to grow my business? How do I want to expand my audience? Where do I want to channel my creativity? Where do I dedicate my energy?

Boom, here is the lightening at work: what is Bliss the Brand. I need to get up close and personal with the product and brand I am creating. What is it’s purpose? What does it feel like? What does it look like? How does it smell? How about my packaging? What about my customer service? What does the person looking into my booth see and feel? What do I want people to say? Who are my followers? Who are my buyers? How can I serve them? What kind of vibes do I give off? What about me? How do I represent my brand? How can I do better? What do I need to change? How can I grow? I can I expand? What more do I want for Bliss Delish? I see the long term vision, I’ve seen it for a long time: a little cabin cafe in the woods. Oversize, comfy worn floral fabric chairs. Fleetwood Mac turning on a stereo in the background. Copper mugs, steaming with soul-warming coffees and teas. The smell of freshly brewed java and baked goods lingering in the air. A fire place crackling on one wall, with a group of plaid-clad dinners nestled around laughing, engaging, smiling, and connecting to the fullest. A display case full of delicious looking gluten-free baked goods in the window. Little hipster tikes with their facesBridal shower in the woods pressed against the glass, begging their parents for an almond flour chocolate chip cookie. A little outdoor kitchen out back, teaching and connecting with people over cooking lessons. A big old, rustic table further back, with old fancy plush sofas, a big mason jar chandelier hanging over head on a tree branch, shedding light over a table of delighted dinners.  A centerpiece of the freshest flowers. Dinner fresh from the farm. Laughter. Always there is laughter billowing through the cabin and the trees. A campfire lit later on, as patrons sit around sipping glasses of wine or beer. Engaging. Again, always engaging.

Wow that was fun! I think that is the most detailed I’ve ever gotten with my vision, so thanks for sharing in that journey. So this is what I want to work towards. Now currently I am at the market, baking my heart out every Friday. Last Friday I got an email order, which is why I felt the intuition hit on my lunch break later: catering. I see this as my next heart-felt possibility (then bike cart then VW food bus then cabin, or however life works itself out, one step at a time). I am creative. I could do some great party, catering events. So then on my place I scribbled steps. How do I get into catering? What kinds of licenses, etc. do I need? Kitchen, I need to find a commercial kitchen to cook in. How do I market myself? What else do I want? Where is this brand going? Personal chef or one-on-one cooking classes. I have always enjoyed talking food with people. I want that experience and connection. Grocery shopping, organizing fridges and cabinets, meal planning, and more. Hmm….it’s forming.. I think I want what  I mentioned the other day: freedom. I want to be my own boss. I want to spend my days teaching cooking, evenings and weekends in the kitchen cooking for others. Hmm…yes, what a beautiful existence. No what a wonderful way of life.

Okay, further, more, push, what about Brittany? How do you fit into this brand equation? Ooh this one is trickier. Being honest with yourself is not always fun. The ego can get pretty defensive. Do it anyways. Be REAL with yourself. What do you look like? How do you smell? What’s your style? What’s your energy? How can you do/be better? The good thing here is personal style is never a problem. That part I’ve got down. A rad combination of laces, leathers, sequins, florals, fringe, shawls, billowing pants. BIG blonde wild, cannot be tamed curly hair. Thoughtful tattoos and well-placed body art. Barefoot, anytime it’s feasible. Fun accessories, why not add suspenders A little wacky. A little boho. Intrinsically and quintessentially me. Do this more often. Rock some pride. Pride in how you look. Get your hair together. Smell nice. Take care of yourself. Take care of your skin, put your coconut oil on. Take care of your mind. Meditate. Hike. Hike. HIKE. Take care of your body. Practice your kettlebells. Get on the met. Get into a yoga flow. Savasana. Savasana. Savasana. Breathe. Love your body. Fuel your body. Eat good foods. Eat grass-fed, pasture-raised meats and eggs. Eat local, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Cook with good fats. Use coconut oil and ghee and tallow. Practice mindful eating. Be cogniscent of your energy. Allow yourself to be radiant. Stop worrying if you’re overwhelming people with your energy or enthusiasm. Embrace. Be magnetic. Be caring. Be kind. Vibrate.

So expand your dreams. Your brand. Think on it, so you can start creating it. So you can better yourself, and thus better your brand. What do you want to create? What do you want to bring to this world? What does your brand feel like? Start. Dig deep, get Real.


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