More than a Dreamer

You are the creator of your own destiny ~ #quote #destiny #taolifeI have always considered myself to be a bit (lot) of a dreamer. Growing up I had (have) a BIG time imagination. Solitude, my room, my toys all brought me solace. Everything talked. Everything had story. My imagination was like my comfort zone. Anytime I’ve struggled, any time I’ve been challenged, I’ve turned to my imagination. A reprieve. A space to breathe. Faith. Faith in myself. Faith in the future. A reminder of life’s potential. My potential. I was thought: if you don’t like where you are now, know that you can create a better future. It is on the horizon. Believe that now. Feel that now.

But as I sat at work yesterday, working and feeling my way through The Desire Map, it hit me that it is more than being a dreamer. Dream consolation is great, but it doesn’t solve the problem or actually bring you closer to your desires. I have to be more than a dreamer. I need to be a visionary. I need to be a creator. Ooh, I like the sound of that. When looking at my desired feelings, creativity and freedom ring high for me.

FREE, that word kept reappearing and resonating in my soul repeatedly. This core desired feeling to feel FREE. To me I want to feel free in my body, in my soul, in my relationships, in my business, in my finances, in nature. I want the perfect feeling I get being in the woods. Room and space to breathe. To throw my arms out, throw my head back and reveal in the moment. Freedom to be myself. To be myself in my relationships. To rock my own style. To build and create a business that FEELS good to me. That represents me. Freedom to feel comfortable in my own skin. To love my body ALL of it. Freedom with my time. Freedom to do the things I’m passionate about. Freedom to go to yoga, to go hikes, to write, to bake and experiment in the kitchen.

Okay, so I dream of freedom, now how do I act on it? How do I create freedom? How do I go after my dreams, and core desired feelings? I can dream of the future, but how can I allow my now to bring me closer to these? How can I start incorporating them now?

Hiking in Colorado two years ago, it hit me that I loved training with kettlebells and coaching, but my soul was more invested in the cooking aspect. On a beautiful twist on Pike Peak’s Highway it hit me that: I want my own food business. I want a VW food bus. Never had I had such clarity into my intuition. There is the dream: food business. How do I bring the dream into reality? I had to start creating my vision. I had to take a step. Begin laying bricks.

So I applied and reapplied to the Farmer’s Market until I heard yes. I took up jobs in the kitchen. I started cooking. I started and kept on baking. I can’t tell you the last day I had where I didn’t bake or cook something. If you want to be a writer, shouldn’t you then write everyday? Want to be a baker? Bake everyday. Don’t merely dream about baking or your business. Get your ass and soul in the kitchen. Put something in the oven.

As I look to how I can expand and grow my dreams, I realize the key is to be more than a dreamer. I had this intuitive pull the other day: catering. Okay a dream seed: start planning. What are your next steps. How can you make this possible? How can you create this? Start creating your dreams, now today. First connect to them. What are your core desired feelings? What do you love doing? What does your perfect future look like? What does your perfect day look like? Start. Start now. Act now. Invest in your dreams and yourself.


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