How are you showing up? Shine and Be Radiant

You are an exceptional person and this planet could use more people just like you! I love your creativity, your spontaneity, your beautiful open face, smile and heart. You are not of this world..only heavenly creatures beam the warmest and brightest light…and this is what you do for my world. Never let the world change you!!!

Every morning I give thanks. Every morning I pray. Every morning I set my desires and intentions for the day. Reading Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map has got me set to boldly exclaim what I want. In the past I’ve let myself want things, but still placed limitations on them, or thought that they were silly, or thought I was being needy. Lately I’ve dove into: HOW DO YOU WANT TO FEEL? So when I’ve set my intentions on my way to work in the mornings, recently I’ve added: I want to be radiant.

Just because I’ve exclaimed it doesn’t mean others feel it. Doesn’t mean my comfort zone for so long wasn’t to hide. To fit in. To try to be perfect. Doesn’t mean I’m not afraid to be different. Doesn’t mean I don’t have doubts. Doesn’t mean my ego doesn’t interfere. But the enthusiasm, the joy, the yearning to be radiant, to be truly loving wins out. Back to my purpose in life: to be loving. So when Pam told me last week I was like sunshine and then she posted this on my wall last week, I cried. It is one thing to want something, but a blessing for it to be perceived and felt.

And so I learned there is power in your presence. It is not just about showing up in life. Showing up to work. Showing up to the game. Showing up to dinner. One of my biggest fears is to merely exist. Your presence, your energy, that shit is important. Yes dreams are important, but more so is what you bring to each day and moment. How do you feel? How do you feel today? How do you feel about life? Take a moment, assess your energy? What’s it like? Is it up? Do you feel happy? Is there joy? These are inside jobs. Work on them. Work on the happiness inside you, so it brims out. Let it out. Let out your joy. Let out your passion. Let out your enthusiasm. Let out your weird, eclecticness. Let out your truth. Let out your thoughts. Leave your heart open.

You have to go to work today. Don’t just go. Show up. Show up to create something. Show up to be a part of the team. Show up with enthusiasm. Laugh. Smile. Show up with some high, positive vibrations. Show up to have fun. Stop being such a serious ‘adult’ where you take life so seriously. Let life be fun.But think about it. How are you showing up?

Want to be radiant? Shine.

There is power in your presence. How does yours feel?


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