No Longer Shy

everything you wantGrowing up I was a ridiculously shy girl. Literally racked with terror, I would never approach anyone. I couldn’t even wait in line.  Embarrassment came at the drop of a hate. But most of all I feel I wasted a lot of time waiting. Waiting on life to happen. Waiting on people to initiate conversations with me. Waiting to be approached. Waiting to be spoken to first. Waiting…waiting…waiting. Why not me? Why can I not be that person? That bold, blunt person? That person who talks to stranger? That person who smiles first? That person to break the ice with a compliment? That person to stick their neck out?

Lately I’ve noticed that I didn’t want to just ask myself these why not questions. And I am not that shy girl anymore. It’s time to bust through blocks. Like my California journey taught me, I don’t have to be the character I’ve created. I don’t have to believe the lies I’ve told myself. I don’t have to be who I think others and the world want me to be. And I don’t have to wait. Now is the time to start being bold. It is the time to start letting go. Now is the time to say fuck it to comfort zones. Now is the time to smile. The time to dance. The time to sing. The time to build dreams. The time to enjoy. The time to connect. The time to do my best. The time to extend. The time to believe in possibilities and potential. To believe in my power. My potential. Now is the time to approach. To be me. To be magnetic. To be radiant. The time to initiate. The time to be the first. Now is the time to compliment. Now is the perfect time for laughter. Now is the time for joy. For inner happiness to pour out. For passion. For purpose. For drive. Now is the time to be courageous.

I am so thankful for the market. Each week I go out and I present myself. I give compliments. I make the first move. I say hello. I smile. I laugh. I engage. I initiate. I give genuine compliments. And I am no longer afraid to be myself. I am no longer afraid to make the approach. To ask the tough questions? To ask questions in general. Going out with my friends last week, Heather’s friend is ‘shy’, bring him out Brittany, she tells me. Wow, how did I become the, “you are so not shy” girl? I will take it? Cute guy at the store whose line I would have avoided at all cost before? You know what I will go in that line. I will initiate conversations. I will smile. And I will not feel an ounce of shyness. I will approach that guy out with the phenomenal beard. I will walk up to that woman with the fabulous sweater to let her know she is beautiful. I will go up to the cute dog and pet them. I will smile and play with all the babies passing by. I will ask the women at work questions. I will let myself be the first.

I am done waiting.

I am done being shy.

Be free.

Be bold.

Be honest.







Go beyond your comfort zone.

Own it.


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