Take a Moment and Laugh More Often

How sweet life is with a little laughter and a smile on your face?

I believe it is a true skill and blessing to be able to laugh at yourself. I feel sometimes when we become adults we turn serious. Sticks get shoved up our asses. We spend our time trying to be someone for another person or to impress others. Where is the fun? The silliness? The lightheartedness? Why are we so damn serious?

My life mantra in recent years has been:

Life is fun.

(Thank you Tao of Pooh you’ve saved me time trying to figure this out on my own.)

And so I seek fun. I have fun. I enjoy joking. I enjoy emoting a kind of playfulness. I’ll rock a tutu. I’ll sing out loud. And if I do something stupid, instead of being to cool for school or beating myself up, I laugh.

For instance today I was daydreaming (shocker), wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing, hit a pole with my bike, busted my ass and fell HARD. So I laid there and laughed for a moment. A real laugh. I let some of my happy out. Brittany you dumb ass that was kind of awesome. And if I’d seen someone bust it like me, it would probably make my day, not going to lie.

Lesson of the day and not to self (besides watching where you’re going): let life be fun. Life is more enjoyable when you laugh and smile more. Even if sometimes it’s at your own expense.


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