Taking ACTion

Think about what actions make you the happiest and take those actions today! Whether its being kind to strangers, supporting a friend in need, or making steps to build a brighter future for yourself and your loved ones, happiness is available to all of us when we take the right steps. How will you create happiness for yourself and others today?I am a big fan of manifesting. I full on believe in putting out into the Universe what you from it. Ask and you shall receive. Law of Attraction. Dreaming BIG. Living your dreams. Meditating. BELIEVING. Letting go and knowing the Universe will take care of you. I also realize that you still have to take action in order to make some of this shit (or shift as my cousin Jacki says) happen. Looking back I often surprise myself with some of the bold, beyond comfort zone steps I’ve taken in recent years. But these big steps, these risks, these uncomfortable feelings are worth it, 100%. The most rewarding experiences of my life.

Let’s look at it. You want to travel the world? Okay you can think about. Make vision boards. Meditate on it. Tap on it. But you are not going to Europe without  buying that plane ticket. You still have to board the plane. If you want it, put some energy into it. The other day scrolling on pinterest I found this wonderful pin and it seemed to balance my feelings of living for today, while also working on goals. If you want a new inspiring job, you have to put out some applications. PUT IT OUT INTO THE UNIVERSE. A simple example is that a month ago I was relating to a friend that I was contemplating making waffles for the market. Boom, she had a waffle maker in her trunk and said I could use it.

When I get that stuck feeling or like things are changing or moving (although they constantly are) I look back to the steps I’ve taken. Then I think, okay you want to build. Start laying more bricks. I wanted to start my own food business. My three blissful states are: writing, hiking, and cooking. How do I live them? So I applied, and applied again to the farmer’s market. I got rejected not once, but twice. When they told me no I set my ass up on the side of the road with a little roadside stand. If you knew the ‘shy’ little girl I used to be, you would know how huge a leap this is to let people zoom past me in cars. To look at me. To look at my food. Living your dreams can be incredibly vulnerable, naked, and exposed feeling. But the love of cooking is stronger than the fear of being seen.

Keep evolving. Keep taking action. Don’t let your ego or fear get in the way. This is a huge one for me. Part of the reason I travel or do things alone often is that others (myself included sometimes) like to talk about what they’re going to do, but then they never come through. They start coming up with excuses. Reasons why it won’t work. Reasons why they can’t go after their dreams. LIVE IN POSSIBILITIES. This is one of the qualities about myself I’ve always valued. As a dreamer of sorts, and living in the mountains for a while, I trained myself to wholeheartedly believe that I (the Universe) am full of possibilities. Why limit myself? We have one life, why let it play out living by someone else’s guidelines. Who the hell are you? What gets your heart racing? What brings you joy? What fills you with bliss? What fills you up? What makes your feel purposeful? What makes you feel healthy? What make you go? What drives you? Find yourself. Dive deep and discover your core feelings and desires.

When you are hit with inspiration. Take ACTion. For me I have to. I have to before it fades. Before my ego kicks in. Before the fear settles in. Before I can start talking myself out of potentially great experiences. Don’t talk about, be about it. I had the urge and pull to go to California. I bought plane tickets before I could argue with myself about the decision. And it was a magical experience that I often relate too. I was hit reading the Tao that I needed to simplify. Live in a cabin. I went home and packed up my stuff. Two weeks later after I put my idea out there to my grandmother, I was living in a little cabinesque shed. Invigorating and perfect, there is not one moment of that simple little existence that I regret (and it actually was something that would help me later in a circumstance I could have never seen coming). Go with your gut. Follow your intuition. Live your truth. Live your dreams. Go. Go for it. Live in and for those possibilities. Live without limits. This is your one shot. Take action. Be bold. Be brilliant. Be unique. Be passionate.


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