Creating Space

if it didn't happen, it wasn't meant to be. let it go and create space for what is.My friend broke up with her boyfriend a few months ago. Recent revelations have sent her reeling with hurt. My response today was that she is-BETTER- off. Everything in life happens for a reason. And once it does, there are no take backs. I may be a future tripper, but staring at my ass and regretting anything doesn’t happen often. Learn and grow. Every experience, interaction, relationship, ‘failure’, dark period is an opportunity. The eternal optimist in me yearns to see the positive in life. In situations. In actions. In thoughts. Keep expanding. We always have the chance to get (become) better with each lesson. When a relationship ends there is the void. We are used to talking to them, seeing them, touching them, texting them. When the relationship, friendship, whatever ends, there is a hole. A hole, a wound, that has to heal. Healing takes times and leaves scars. But to me scars are such a beautiful thing (and I mean physical as well). They are essential to our story. Something we have learned. But today when I text her, I also realized that relationships take up space in our lives. With her ex gone, she now has open space. Open space to fill with people who really love and adore her unconditionally. We decide who, what fill up our space.

And so today as I had a perfect day with my family, I realized that I too needed to focus on this space. How to fill it? Who do I want there? I may love everyone, but I want my spaces loaded with people who fill me up. I want to be surrounded by positive people. People who inspire me. People who live in the moment. People who are passionate. People who are creative. People who believe. Who believe in themselves. Who believe in possibilities. People with soul. I want to fill space with people who love nature. Who seek adventure. Who live awe.

I think of the quote about letting go of the things/people who weigh you down. You can still love someone, but move on. Spend more time with people who build you up, than people who tear you down. If you want to better, do you not need to spend time with people who make you better? If you want to be positive, why surround yourself with negative people? For your tribe is a reflection of yourself. Your energy and attitude.

So as a spent this perfect day with my family, I thought: this is EXACTLY how I want to fill my space. With these kind, loving, positive, playful, funny, passionate, outdoorsy, active people who make me better. People who love me. People who support me. People who believe in me. People who make me want to be better. People who are honest. People I can have deep, meaningful conversations with. People I can do things I enjoy with. People who I leave in soaring spirits. People who make it easier for me to go out into the world, meeting and greeting others with a smile and compassion.

Think about it. Think about space. Where is there space in your life? How is it being filled? How can you create space for more joy? Because I also think of how I can cut out say TV watching for time hiking. We determine what we create space for. You are the architect of your life. Do you have space for your passion? Do you have space for love? Evaluate. Create it. Make it happen.

Only positive energy in this circle #thegoodvibe


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