Get Busy Living

Your Mission:  Be so busy     loving  your life  you have   no time for    hate,    regret,   or fear.I’ve found myself being busy lately. And then I had a mind-blowingly awesome hike today and I thought the hell are you so busy with?

“We need to make sure that we never get too busy with life that we don’t have time to live.” ― Daniel Willey

It hit me as I rounded the bend by the lake and stopped stunned by the perfectly blue sky mirrored in the lake. The sunlit green trees. The breathtaking nature scene I was blessed to behold. The one that made me stop. You claim you are in a building mode. I am. I am constructing my dreams. But I still have to live somewhere. I glance down to the tattoo on my forearm:

Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.

I was just thinking the other day how the meaning and reminder of this tattoo has changed for me. Initially it told me to go BIG. Dream. Chase them. But now it means to me that I am living in my dreams. Be present. Let your waking, breathing, talking, walking life be your dreams. This is life, happening right now. You are living in your dreams. Now. Now is the moment to believe them. Now is the moment to take action. But today I reminded myself, to not just be busy for busyness sakes, but spend your time living. Take time to do what you love. Stop applying a list to daily life. Stop living according to check marks. Get motivated. Get it done, with enthusiasm and joy. Love where you are, when you’re there.  It’s okay. Take time to do what makes you happy. Take time away from being busy, to be alive. Be busy living your life. Creating joy. Creating experiences. Being happy. Smiling. Laughing dancing. Hiking. Being with family and friends. Doing things you are passionate about. Everything will get done at the right time. Trust in the universe and yourself. Let go for a moment. Believe it will get done and set aside to time (make time) for the joyful moments.

Take an hour and go for a hike. Take an hour and go to yoga. Take an hour and write. Take an hour to sit in the tub and read. Take an hour to meditate. Take an hour. Do something that brings out your passion. For me hiking makes me feel alive. By taking a pause to hike for a while, I am better. My work is better. Is it not better then to take a break from busy, so my product can be better?

Even better was the Danielle LaPorte email dropped into my invoice today. She was talking about how Gabby Bernstein responds when someone says they don’t have time to meditate. “Do you have time to feel like shit.” NO. I don’t have time to spend feelinglike shit. Nor do I have time to be angry. The time for living is now, in this only guaranteed moment. Take a break. Look up at the blue skies. Be grateful and let the awe wash over you. You are okay.


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