The Power of Attraction

#quotes #worth #remembering #foreverThe law of attraction still blows my mind! Every time I ask for something and get it, I am baffled, awed, and completely appreciative. The more I relax. The more I let go. The less I try to control life and situations. The more I trust. The more I trust I am taken care of. The more I give power to the universe to guide me, the more I notice the power in the law of attraction. Yesterday was one of those days. It seemed so effortless to be guided. What I also picked up on is that even though the universe may present us with opportunities, it is up to us to take them. To accept them. To accept our dreams. To believe in them. To believe in ourselves. Because the ego can be a tricky little guy. I have (and probably will again) let my ego, fear, and comfort zones keep me from things I wanted. When given a chance, my ego tore it to shreds. It beat it with excuses. And killed it with doubt. Then I let it pass. I let opportunities pass me by. Be. Be aware of opportunities and also in your power of choice.

Let me tell you about this day! All day I’m thinking about the Farmer’s Market. In July they start a midweek market. As soon as I got home I began searching. I searched their website. I checked facebook. Nada. Hmm….. I open my email thinking of emailing Majel a quick question and then right there in my inbox is already an email from Majel entitled: Midweek Farmer’s Market. Really? I wanted it. But as time progressed, I watched as my ego tried to talk me out of it. Out of paying the vendor fee. Out of asking my boss to change my work schedule again. Do they want bakers? Don’t people want produce. On went the bullshit. And then finally I stopped entertaining my ego. This is what I want. I want to build my brand and business. I want to be out there. Meeting people. Talking to people. Letting them try my food. I want to reach more people. I want freedom. I want to do more of what I love. I want to live with passion. Why would I turn that down? That’s right I’m not. I sent Majel an “I”m in email,” and set it on my intentions to talk to work today. Boom, taken care of. ACTion is a go.

Next Chels and Heather were having a Harry Potter marathon. When I joined them, somehow we got to talking about my menu. I shared that I’ve contemplated adding waffles, but I’d gotten rid of my maker. Heather chimes in that she just got one from her brother and I can use it. And it’s in her car. Seriously? I accept another gift and miracle. Who runs around with a freaking waffle maker? On the day I mention it? Mind blown= check mark.

What else? Oh my car has been having some start-up issues. It was on my list to take it for a little looksy. But I found myself poolside and then sucked into a rainy day Harry Potterathon. But in swoops my mom to complete my intention. She just took her car up the street to get it fixed and needed me to drive her back. Boom, I simply ask them about my car and set an appointment to have them diagnose her.

This was kind of the theme for my whole day. A beautiful, sunny then rainy day. Miracles. They happen. We can attract what we want into our lives. Do we accept it? Do we choose it? Let go and let opportunities present themselves to you. Then accept them wholeheartedly with fervor and passion.


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