Promote What You Love

Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate. ~Jordan Bach

Boom this is radical! Just read this in my Miracles Now book by Gabby Bernstein and I HAD to stop and write. I’ve been thinking along these lines lately. In thinking about beauty and thinking about people and my friends, I repeat to myself: look for the good. Instead of pointing out ‘flaws’ in your body, rock and go with some powerful affirmations about it’s beauty. Instead of focusing on what drives you crazy about someone, shift and think about something positive about them. What do you like about them? Instead of thinking life sucks or you’re getting shit on, turn your pity party into a chance for growth and an adventure to find something positive. Bring your vibration up. Center your thoughts on what brings you joy. Do more of those things. Give more compliments. Find what you love!

So in celebration I felt right away when I read this (instinctually) to share some of the things I love. Focus on that. Enjoy that!


  • I love life. Man it feels so good to wake up in the morning. I give thanks for rising each day. What potential this morning has. What opportunities this day has. What possibilities await me. I am alive and like my brother-in-law said, “There are no bad days, some are simply better than others.” Make this one of the best.
  • I love my family. Spending time with my six, four, and 1 year-old nephews brings me such happiness. The innocence. The curiosity. I love it when Trenton’s lost on a story or jumps on the phone to talk to me. I love waking up squished in between him and Gavin, watching them sleep so content and perfectly. I love all the facial expressions the twins make. How they are constantly watching and wondering what I’m doing. How they sleep perfectly on my chest when we are napping together. I love deep conversations with my dad after we’ve finished shooting our bows. Looking up into the trees or into the sky pondering life and nature. I love when my brother laughs. He is so pure and innocent, any time with him melts my heart. I love catching moments with my sister, where we are alike. When we’re reminiscing about the same old-time band. When I discover commonalities I never knew existed. When we’re on a creative tangent. Any time I’m with my mom. If it’s in kettlebell classes. Or bike races in front of the house. Or walking with Todd’s mom Sharon. It is fun. It makes me smile. Family time is always a treasured time. Family time is also friend time. Whether we’re gathered together in the kitchen for a family dinner. Or sitting around watching our latest tv series obsession. Or impromptu trips to sushi. The dynamic of us all together flows.
  • I love cooking. I love baking. Ever since I was a little girl the kitchen has felt like home to me. My dad is a bomb-ass cook. Plus I have two stellar grandma’s who’ve spent decades putting homemade meals on the table for relatively large families. I love holidays at the Paulin’s with their open concept space, I can flow from kitchen to living rooms and connect with my aunts, uncles, and cousins. We laugh. We drink wine. We sample. We tell stories. Kitchens to me have always been a place of gathering together. Growing up in the country. We didn’t go to town often. With no cable as well, we spent our summers outside patrolling the neighborhood with our cousins. Then at night the family sat at the table for a home-cooked meal by my father. I used to stand in that kitchen baking a pie a day just for the fun of it. Or I’d be in there by myself making stir fry, practicing for my future cooking show. I think now too, that the kitchen and food has become a way for me to express myself. It’s become a creative energy outlet. When I was younger I liked to sketch and people always told me to be an artist. Now today it has morphed into what I can create in the kitchen. I put my creativity, my energy, my love, my soul into the food I make, and to me that is what makes a really, good tasty meal. Turn on some music, let me sing and dance around the kitchen and I am set. That is not working, that is incandescent love. 058
  • I love writing. I used to get discouraged writing when I was younger, because the thoughts seemed so much better in my head than when I tried to write them down on paper. The eloquence was lost in translation. But then as I grew older, my passion for writing transformed. When I needed to deal with life, with my thoughts, when I struggling, when I was happy, when I just needed to clear my freaking head, I started writing. It felt so good. Now I write, because I truly enjoy it. Going back and reading my own stuff can often re-inspire me. It tracks were I’ve been. What I’ve done. And reminds me to believe in where I’m going. It is yet another avenue for me to express myself. It is also a gift. As a visual person, writing it down and sharing my heart, soul, and thoughts is a true blessing. You can give a person a new shirt or something shiny, but what if you give them a part of your heart? Do more of what you’re passionate about.
  • I love hiking. Again I go back to that country thing. What fucking rad parents I have. I’ve been thinking that more and more lately. The outdoors were instilled in us. My father was a hunter and fisherman (as well as my grandfather who is in the fishing hall of fame). We took camping trips. We went hiking. I dragged deer out of the woods on my birthday. We went mushroom hunting. We grew gardens, and my brother and I actually had self reliance instilled in us when we would plant, weed, pick and sale our own sweet corn each year for school shopping money. But as a child you don’t always appreciate the values your parents are trying to instill in you. However, as I approached adulthood, I felt this pull towards Nature. Just like writing, it became a way for me to deal with my thoughts and feelings. More than that hiking, being in the trees, being surrounded by nature helped me explore myself. It helps me recharge, refuel, and reconnect. Reconnect to myself. My thoughts. My passions. My purpose. My beliefs. My dreams. It is on top of a tall hill, or the journey up that mountains where I feel clarity. I feel alive. I feel instinctual. I am in flow with my intuition. Decisions seem clear. There is no second guessing. I just know what to do next. Plus it is completely humbling. When I lived in Colorado I was taken aback by the paradoxical feelings I’d get in the mountains. Part of me felt humbled and small at the majesty and perfection of the giant mountains surrounding me. My problems and worries felt small. I felt small. But then I was also filled with this sense that I was full of potential and possibilities. I felt the world is full of possibilities. I hike to save my soul. To deal. To heal. It is a must.

There are so many positive, magical things this life has to offer. When I think of what I’m thankful it overwhelms me. That is the true wealth of the world. The true abundance. It’s happening right now. It is enough. But when I catch myself wanting to bash or having a negative thought, I have to go back to this magic, because this post could have went on-and-on again. Remember what you love, fuck the negative shit.


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