When Life Says No: Create Soulutions

you will get thereWhat do you do when life tells you no?

I found myself at the market this weekend: no cookies. No muffin,s you can’t sell them. We don’t always get what we want. The market actually told me no 3 times before I got in. Patience and belief pay off, but what do you do in the meantime while you’re waiting on the bigger yes?

As I stood talking to other vendors about the limitations facing us due to the owners of the space and more restrictions from the health department, I found myself saying, “It’s okay.” I can make it happen. I think no is an opportunity. Our reactions to no is what really  matters.

The last three years I have been hit over and over with no. The bottom literally fell out of my post-college graduation dreams. I watched them completely crumble, til I was left feeling stripped, naked, and confused. Where do you go when your dreams shatter? And so I started re-building. And I’ve gotten knocked down repeatedly. I questioned: how many times can you fall and get back up? But I stayed up. I kept bouncing back. Being positive, being grateful are practices I HAVE to do. Not a nice idea, but what have kept me from drowning. As I realize that I’m in that phase, that building phase, I embrace. I embrace the journey. I embrace the no’s. I change how I think, how I feel. Want it. Ask for it. Allow for it to happen. Keep believing.

Okay so I can’t do cookies, but I can turn this into a creative adventure. How can I get creative and make soulutions to get what I want? When people talk to me about gluten-free being a struggle, I think why? You hear you have Celiac’s. Okay life is making you change. Embrace.  To me coming up with recipes is a fun challenge. Taking something traditional and putting a healthy spin on it is something I enjoy. I bring joy to the challenge. Instead of thinking it’s hard, I think it’s fun and easy. Change the perspective. Change your outlook.

Don’t throw that pity party because you don’t get your way. Whoa is me, the Universe is against me. No it’s not. It wants you to thrive. Let go and trust that you are being taken care of. Want it? Keeping going for it. Take another route. Jump on another trail. Keep on the journey, rather than tucking your tail and running back down the mountain. Keep trekking. Turn that no into a yes. Smile from your soul and let life flow. Keep those vibrations UP. You can have all you want in life. You just may not get it when and how you want.


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