Let Go, Let Life Flow

I like this....the future is NOW not tomorrow when you need to start something...don't wait.I have noticed at work lately that I have a problem. I keep finding myself pacing 6 steps ahead.Thinking about cream pies, when I am working on muffins. STOP. I frequently find I have to remind myself to stop when I catch myself future tripping (kudos to Gabby Bernstein for this phrase I caught in her new Miracles Now book). When I catch myself future tripping, I feel like I’m waiting. What I’m waiting for, though, I really don’t know. Life is happening right now. Reel it back in. Pause. Breathe. Live. BE in the present moment. Stop thinking of what you have to do this afternoon. Don’t think of all you need to bake. Think about this batch of cookies you are making right now. Let go. Trust in the Universe. It will all get done. You will be taken care of. Let go of those reigns of control.

Ooh speaking of control, I have had some discoveries in the realm of control lately, and some interesting conversations. Again I go back to work. I believe life is such a magical experience. I also believe in one love, one beauty, but also that there is a uniqueness in the journey, vision, and purpose of each individual. Yes each of us has our own special purpose. Our own source of power. Our own lessons to teach. Our own hearts, souls, and thoughts to give and share to the world. We each have our own creativity. Our own vision to live out. We all have ways in which we express ourselves. We all have our own voice. Our own song to sing. Our own dance to choreograph. Our own drawing to sketch. Our own meal to cook. Our own movie to star in. Our own book to write. We all have our own way of doing things. We all have our own perspective. We all have our own way of seeing the world. I don’t believe there is a life handbook. We are all winging it (kudos to my cousin Jacki who posted something similar the other day). We’ve all struggled. We all have the potential to thrive, to soar, to love.

Let us then be open to the individuality of the world. Catch yourself feeling the need to control. At work one of my fellow bakers gets upset when things aren’t done her way. Or I’ll watch them fight vehemently about being right.  So long as they’re done, what does the process matter? Why do we feel the need to hold on to being right?.  At work Jamie and I have had some talks about religion. Very open minded, open hearted conversations. How strongly do we hold onto beliefs? Can we not use the individuality to listen and learn? We have so much to gain and learn from each other, but how can we do that when we put up a wall of rightness? We block ourselves of growth. What if we were more accepting? Why do we have to hold onto control of being right? We have to be in control of time. Of any given situation. Of others. Of our bodies. We cling and suffocate in the need to control. Are we in control though?

What if we flowed? What if we let go and let life happen? What if we stopped thinking ahead and got present right now? What if we trusted? What if we stopped trying to micromanage our life, schedules, and futures and opened up to the possibilities of today? Because you know what? I have no clue. I know nothing. I have no clue what is going to happen, I have no magic crystal ball. I believe in manifesting and the power of thoughts, but time and the Universe will handle what happens. I surrender. I let go. I am, I want to let life happen. Presence. Presence. Presence. Give power by being present. Create today. Love today. Build today. Breathe right now.

FOCUS. Focus on what you’re doing now. Focus on doing your best. Focus on this step. Because by focusing on these moments, your future will also be taken care. Participate in this magical life.


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