Social Loner

 “I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

I know today’s title is one of those paradoxes that the Tao talks about. How can one be a social butterfly and a recluse at the same time? Let me share my experiences.

I have always enjoyed my own company. Solitude has been a place of serenity for me. A comfort. When my mom talks about our car accident we had (1994), she likes to point out ow we each got injuries suited for us. I cracked my head open, broke my leg, and had a pin through it. This meant I spent 2 weeks in a hospital an hour from home, all by myself.

What is boredom, for I do not think I have ever experienced it? Part of my solitude bliss (lust, must) is my vivid, outrageous imagination. Rarely have I ever felt loneliness, for it always consoles me. I think I could keep myself indefinitely. As I’ve gotten older, I see how solitude has helped me. What a beautiful gift to give myself- to be content spending time with yourself. I’ve seen people lose themselves in others and in relationships. Who the hell are you when that relationship changes? When it is gone and you’ve used this other person to complete you or make you whole, what is left of YOU? What a gift then to explore your own soul. To pay attention to your thoughts. To reflect. To discover your passions. To be silent enough to listen to your heart. To allow yourself to be. To connect. To love the person you’re with. To find value in yourself. To respect yourself. To appreciate your life. Your path. To thrive in the present moment.

This is how I feel when I am alone. How, pure, how loving my thoughts are. Notably in Nature. That is where I go to really connect. Refuel. Recharge. Reboot. To me Nature is perfect and I feel perfect when I am there. I go to John Muir, who I am currently reading.

“Climb the mountains and get their tidings. Natures peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like leaves of Autumn.”

Such a perfect moment. I feel connected, alive, and perfect in these moments. Find it. Find that solace. Find that alone place that is home. That is perfect. It doesn’t have to be hiking. I also find solace in the kitchen. There is nothing like singing, dancing, and baking around the kitchen.

Being alone allows me to be a better person. I catch myself at the market, living out my passion, my energy and enthusiasm is palpable. I am full of compliments and praise. Full of life. Full of love. Who is this girl? She is the one dancing, singing around the kitchen, pouring her soul and creativity into this stand, this product, this purpose. Waiting for this moment to meet you-to talk to you. Thank you solitude. For being there for me. What a blessing. To love yourself and spending time with yourself.


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