Time: How do you spend it?

Embrace it and live life to the fullest. You can do this, brave one. #life #recovery #inspirationalI have been thinking a lot about time lately. What a precious, magical gift we’ve been given. Am I taking advantage of the short time I’ve been given in this physical life? If I’m being honest the answer is no. The next question then is how do I want to spend my time?

How easily we can get sucked into mindless, frivolous activities. Hours spent watching t.v. series. How dwindled away dicking around on the computer. Time we spent not thinking positively or about our dreams. Hours spent doing things that are not in our passion circle. Delaying something for another time. I will workout tomorrow. The only moment guaranteed to us, is this present time. Why don’t you go dip into a yoga class or hit a trail. Why not start writing your book today. The most inspiring tales begin by starting. We all begin at page 1. Why not work on page 1, chapter 1 now? Why not call up your friends and get together? Why do we feel entitled to an endless supply of time? Because we’re afraid? I have quite a few tattoos and one of the ones on my ribcage says:

Don’t fear death, fear life unlived.

Clearly I am of the mind and I want to remind myself, that I am more afraid of not living than I am of dying. This honestly is my biggest fear: existing. Never going for it. Never starting to create my dreams (actually never even starting the process of dreaming, how many people I’ve met who are too afraid even to dream). Never telling people I love them. Never feeling the bliss of truly living. The miracle of presence.

So when I think of time, I love my life, but I want to spend more time in the miracle moments. I want to spend more time doing things I am passionate about. I am grateful that I have discovered what brings me joy today (this can always evolve). I want to spend more time hiking. The reason I hike: I feel most alive. Being in the woods, surrounded and breathing in the trees, comforted and sarrinated by the chorus of nature, barefoot with only the earth below my feet: this is where I find my bliss. I frequently look up at the trees towering over me in awe and think: this life is a pretty great experience. I let the sun (or rain) hit on my face and I bask in that moment. Far greater than any artificial high. Pure joy. Pure presence. I want to spend more time with my dreams. I want to spend more time baking. More time creating. More time taking food photos. More time writing my cookbook. I want more time at the market. More time spent envisioning my food bus. More time contemplating the farm and cabin and cafe of my wildest dreams. I want to spend more time writing. More time expressing myself. More time being authentic. Being my true self. Listening to my intuition.  More time talking to women. More time taking pictures for BeYOUtiful. I want to spend more time in a positive atmosphere. I want to surround myself with my loving tribe. I want to have movie nights with my brother. I want to shoot my bow with Dad. I want to kick kettlebell ass with my mom. I want to dine and laugh and sing and dance with my friends. I want to go on bikes rides with my cousins. I want to get creative with my sister. I want to spend more time saying yes to potential fun. I want to spend more time giving. I want to spend more time in a state of bliss. I WANT TO SPEND MORE TIME LOVING. I want to spend more time saying I love you. I want to give more hugs.

So when I look at the intentions I roughly set out or when I’m making any kinds of plans, I think of this. Does this bring me happiness? How can I do more things today that let me live in the blissful being? Spend more time there. You can do it!


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