No Bad Days

I hope never you will be feel bad, no bad days quotes | My Quotes ...There are no bad days. Some are just simply better than others. ~Todd Woelfle

This beautiful thought was shared last week by my brother-in-law Todd at his sister’s funeral. Todd gave a moving eulogy about the story of his sister Annie. Annie started have seizures when she was a little girl. Todd’s speech was about Annie’s story, for she loved to bang on her keyboard. She would just type and type and type. As Todd progressed, he shared what he believed she was writing. When he got to the part about no bad days, I believed it.

Life is not without it’s challenges and struggles. Annie is a wonderful example, but that doesn’t mean we have to live or become our struggles. Yes some days we may not want to get out of bed. We may feel melancholy or sad. But when we step back and look at the bigger picture, I believe life is a truly magical experience.

What a miraculous gift we have been given. Today is not a bad day. For in each day is the seed and potential to bloom into a great day.

Thank you. Thank you Annie for all the people you touched and continue to. And for the inspiration.


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