Let Your Light Shine

Let your light shine. #quote #book #BreakEveryChain | via @Emonne MarklandWhat I truly love about this BeYOUtiful Project is the opportunity it provides. The chance to showcase women. To highlight them in all their unique beauty and light. To let their light shine. It really just makes my soul sing. My energy skyrocket. My inspiration take off. And warm my heart all over. Every time I hit post, it just sends a shock of energy through me. It feels good. It feels right. I love this project. I feel like I’m doing what the project is about: promoting positive thinking. But I believe it is bigger than me. This project is about us. And not just women, but people in general. Feeling enough. Feeling blessed. Feeling whole. Feeling good about ourselves.

Even more I enjoy seeing the reactions and positive feedback to the post. It is so simple to take a quick pic and ask a few questions, but that simplicity creates such a wonderful moment and experience.

I wait for the moment when I ask them when they feel beautiful, and you see it. You see them thinkingĀ  about it, stepping into that moment. It is breathtaking. But also I find that they love to be asked. Sometimes the answer is immediate. Some are a little taken about. What? You want my opinion? Yes I want to know what YOU think? Wow. It’s empowering. To not just showcase our physical beauty, but our beautiful thoughts. Plus it’s completely vulnerable, and such a freeing, refreshing experience.

So thank you to all the women who have participated so far and to all the women I hope to get to. And to anyone who reads this. You are a whole, beautiful perfect person, let your Light Shine


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