Check Yourself

"Heart to heart conversations are the best to me.  Everyone's vulnerable.  Vulnerability attracts honesty, honesty attracts soul connections.“REAL” This word gets to me. “I don’t like all that deep thinking shit….I’m real.” (what someone told me once) Reality is what you make it for one. But also realness is digging deep. It’s talking to yourself. It’s lighting yourself with passion and blazing a trail of purpose. It’s about authenticity. It’s about true nature. It’s about tough conversations. Conversations with others and with YOURSELF. It’s easy to cloud ourselves in excuses, so we’re in a haze of numbness. How easy it is to tell others how to live, but how often do we confront ourselves?  How do we give ourselves the pep talk or the scold? How often do we face our behaviors? Our thoughts?

I’m a fan (shocker) of getting REAL with yourself then. Take an inventory check? What kinds of vibrations are you putting out there? How are you spending your time? What are you doing for your health? What are you doing to relax and let go? Are you meditating? What are you doing for others? What are you doing for your dreams? Are you building? Where you loving today? Did you tell your truth? Did you tell others how you felt? Are you being authentic? Are you being kind? Loving? Are you doing your best?

Sunday morning I got up and went to work on 5 hours of sleep. As I’m going through my baking I took an inventory and I checked myself. Brittany you can do better. A slip up here, and there. Let’s do our best. I was just thinking a month ago how I was impressed with the evolution of my Facebook pictures of me @ a bar with the same pose and smile, to me being me. Me hiking. Me sharing the world as I see it in all it’s beauty. Recently I find more appearances of pictures of me out again. How am I portraying myself? People see me tagged out on the Barstool Open (a bar crawl), then I’m out getting hammered and stupid. Truth was I was spending the day with Chelsey, playing DD, taking care of her, and just spending time with my friend. I like the smiling picture of Chels and I, but I also like meeting a friend and having them tell me, “I like looking at your pics. I don’t usually want to do anything outside, but I see your pics and think- I want to be out there hiking with Brittany.” That is the me I want out there.  My favorite, simple version of my life. Days in with my friends where we dance and sing around the house as we clean and make Paleo meals. Bike rides with my nephews.  That is how I want to spend my time. That’s the energy I want. I want people to want to get out in Nature. To think life is beautiful.

So when I check myself I think, it’s okay to go out now and then. But spend more time doing what is true to you. Spend your days hiking. Work on your market. Work on your cookbook. Work on the quality time with your friends and family. Get some SLEEP. Bring passion and joy to work cause you’re rested and rejuvenated. Work your schedule and intentions so you can play and rest and rock your world. Call your friends tell you love them. Call your dad tell him you love him. Schedule to shoot bows with your nephews, brother, and dad tomorrow. Hug someone. Smile. Be light. Write. Share yourself, your heart, your soul. Share your experiences, good and bad. The triumphs and falls. Brittany I love you unconditionally, let’s do better today. Let’s eat better. Let’s lift some heavy weights and kick kettlebell ass this morning. Let’s write. Let’s photograph. Work on BeYOUtiful. Build your dreams. Be impeccable. Be vulnerable. Get real and check yourself. Know you can do better. Believe you are better. Be better.


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