Dream Builder: I am a business owner

As I sat surrounded by friends at a bar called Skid Row discussing my friends Kayla’s soon to be graduation from dental school and Chelsey’s house buying, I thought: what the hell am I doing? And then I shake myself and realize, not only am I rocking at being me, but I am a business owner. I don’t know why it never connected before that moment, but I never thought of myself as the creator of my own company, the designer of my own brand. I filled out the paperwork. I constantly put myself out there. I am building and that is beautiful.

We all have our own exciting selves to bring to the world. Our own passions to pursue. Our own purposes and voices to make heard. Our own ideas. We can do it. Gradually we can make our dreams become reality. But first we must start. First we must declare what we want. Actually we have to know what we want. We have to know what we like. What are you passionate about? I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with people and they look at me blankly. Well, what makes you happy? More blank looks. It’s almost like we are afraid to dream. Afraid to be happy. Afraid to have what we want. Afraid of passion. What will others think of my ideas? Shut up the critics. Shut up your own fears and doubts and take action. 

Dip deep and find yourself. Find your calling. Now take ACTion. Start your business today. Start a project today. BeYOUtiful starts with a facebook page. Then a photo. Then another photo. Start a blog. It starts with one post. With one follower. After another follower. START. Start being yourself. Start creating. Start designing your brand. Take control of your own destiny. Have your own voice. Start being your own boss. Yes I still have a day job, but I also building my own business. I dream of getting into the summer market. Of weekly interactions and engagements. Of more opportunities. More steps. Slowly I am building those beautiful dreams. Each day. With each sale. With each interaction. With each blog. With each recipe I put into my cookbook. With each beYOUtiful picture I get closer to my 500 goal and a gallery. Brick by brick.

I, Brittany, am a business owner, a dreamer, a brand builder, a leader, a creator.


One thought on “Dream Builder: I am a business owner

  1. Thank you for sharing post, And …..all so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you a beautiful weekend. Much love. 🙂

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