Stopped Train Opportunities

I feel beautiful when the train stopped on the tracks becomes an opportunity. ~ Toni Shattuck

There is so much I’m learning from my BeYOUtiful World project. It just fills my heart and souls in ways I can never express with words. In an afternoon with my aunt Toni I had so much fun chatting and getting creative. Her BeYOUtiful answers blew me away (her beauty is answer was: Beauty is the lining of your soul. I swoon for this response). When she wrote down the above train remark it made me stop, think, and then grasp for the breath it took away. What a radical family I have. What  a powerful answer. When she explained it, it hit me even harder.

Those moments when the train stops are frequent here in Terre Haute. Dare to travel Davis or Maple and you may experience a train either stopped on the tracks or preparing to change directions. Although, this may generally generate a plethora of negative reactions from cursing and frenzied panic of how to get around the train, it can also be an opportunity. An opportunity to slow down. To breathe. Besides my awesome aunt, my cousin Jacki had recommended I read 3 Deep Breaths years ago. I remember it saying how stop lights were a chance to practice those three deep breaths. This train scenario takes me right back to that breathing and letting go technique. It could be an opportunity to call that old friend and catch up. It may be a chance to turn up the radio and have a little dance party, to unwind, let your hair down and belt out some tunes. Maybe you just need a little silence. A little break in the day to reconnect to yourself, to realign and be ready for whatever comes. Maybe someones in the car. I frequently ride around town with my mom. Maybe this is a time to turn in my seat and talk to her. To listen. To engage. To share my heart and bear my soul.

Maybe instead of complaining about life or things that take away from our schedules, we let life happen. We stop feeling tense and start feeling present. Maybe we stop trying to control our lives, and embrace. Embrace what comes our way. We see the silver lining. We live for a stopped train. Maybe, just maybe. Thank you Toni (and thanks for this picture too which truly embodies this post)!


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