Putting Your Best Foot Forward

A real life conversation:

Amazing Complimentor: What’s the occasion?

Me: Just selling at the Farmer’s Market and this is what I wanted to wear.

Amazing Complimentor: I like it. Maybe if more people were like that the world wouldn’t be an ugly place.

Wow! I like to give compliments, but it takes my breath away to have someone give me such kind words. At the last market I decided to rock a cobalt blue tutu. Why not? Part of my beauty exploration has led me to determine: authenticity is attractive. What I really took away from this conversation was: put your best foot forward. I confess I sometimes leave the house looking a little bummy. Sweats that don’t fit. My hair a mess. It’s not just about make-up or clothes either. It’s about looking on the outside how you feel on the inside. It’s about investing a little time into yourself. It’s about putting yourself into the presentation. I hardly had on any make-up Saturday. But I did put out a lot of energy. People feel energy. I felt like myself in that blue tutu. I felt good. Plus the high I was soaring on from having just left the farmers market, people notice (trust me I got quite a few stares). Are you being authentic? Are you expressing your best self? Be honest, because I walked away thinking I needed to improve on this.

I’ve written before about spaces, like my shed. It is tiny to many, but it speaks volumes. It silenced my bold, outspoken best friend. My mom would hang there while I was in Colorado. It feels like me. To me that’s what matters. Is that a space represents you. So when I’m thinking about getting dressed or going out: does this represent me? Does this feel like me? Does this fit my personality? Is it authentic? Is this my best?

This compliment has made me more aware when I am getting ready. Be yourself. Be awesome. If you want to rock a blue tutu, do it! Lastly I’d like to share a compliment that my friend Eunice wrote on my picture. It nearly brought me to tears. It’s one thing I think to be authentic and true, but when others see it, feel it, and acknowledge it, it’s encouraging to keep being true to yourself.

I must say I love you and I love your free spirit! You’re very inspiring and have such a positive, fun, carefree, and beautiful soul! I think you were a butterfly in another life!! You rock!


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