Why? Why are you doing this? I ask myself this as my Beauty Bliss project continues to evolve. My cousin Beth and I are co-creating to make A BeYOUtiful World happen. The goal is to take 500 photos of different women and to hold a gallery at the end. As I take off with my camera, I ask myself why? That’s what others will want to know. Why are you doing this? What is the purpose of this project? When I hit myself with this one, the answer came swiftly and clearly:

I want to do this because I think we should spend more time empowering each other than judging one another. Than judging ourselves. I want us to think positively about ourselves.

I want people to see what I see. I want them to feel what I feel. I want them to feel their potential. To know they’re awesome. To feel abundant. To feel beautiful. I’ve said before that I enjoy drawing portraits. It’s the ‘flaws’ the little imperfections and quirks that excite me to sketch someone. Those subtle differences that make us who we are. They are perfect. You are perfect. I am perfect. Right now in this time and space stop and feel it. Feel how right this moment is. Feel the possibilities flowing through you. Feel the joy. In this moment you can be enough.

Besides the picture there are two sentences to fill in:

Beauty is……

I feel beautiful when ……..

So we start by defining beauty for ourselves. I am a big fan of having your own voice and opinion. Not something socially acceptable, but something that comes from the heart. What is beautiful to YOU? Secondly I challenge my muse to think positively. We all have those mean girl moments in the mirror. We look for hidden flaws. They consume our vision. I don’t like my nose. I don’t like my thighs. How about we look for something positive instead? Shift our way of thinking? See ourselves in a new light? I feel beautiful when…….

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. ~Henry David Thoreau

So I am excited. I am excited to talk to women. To take their pictures. To share them and their beauty. I think that’s the one that gets me the most. Is to make it about them. Oh 500 seems like a lot (so I’ve been told). I am not concerned with the number. I am consumed with one. The one person behind my lens. They are what’s important. One beautiful woman after another: 100% of women are beautiful, but only 4% believe it. We are better than 4%. Feel free to join the BeYOUtiful World movement by liking our facebook page. It’s also an empowering lesson in vulnerability. I will share my vulnerability first:

Beauty is everywhere. It’s in everything and every one.

I feel beautiful when I’m connecting. When I’m engaging. When I feel full of life. When I’m vulnerable. When I’m smiling. When I’m laughing. I feel beautiful being me.

me 3Excuse me! Can I tell U about your Awesomeness?

U R focused and flowing
U R totally reading this
U R going to have a good day!

U R allowing things to unfold
U R exactly where U need 2 B
U R creative and spontaneous

U R an awesome chic or dude or both
U R vibrating with good intentions
U R feeling better and better everyday

U R filled with good vibrations
U R excited about your life
U R surfing waves of contrast

U R totally clicking that like button


One thought on “BeYOUtiful

  1. I love your statements: “One beautiful woman after another: 100% of women are beautiful, but only 4% believe it. We are better than 4%.”
    What you say is true, Brittany…100% of women are beautiful. I am honored to be a part of the Beauty Bliss BeYOUtiful project. Together, we are part of the upliftment of humanity through love, compassion, and respect. Hugs!

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