Life Does Not Suck

Make the most out of every day and love like there is no tomorrow. Make sure you take advantage of every moment left in your life.Life only sucks if you do.


I know, that is a strong statement.


But you see, here’s the hard truth – life isn’t how we see it; how we see life is how WE ARE.


If you’re having a stressful day, you are actually bringing stress to the day.


If people are mean, you are bringing the judgment of mean to everyone you see.


If you can’t seem to get a break, it’s because you are choosing to see failure as permanent instead of a sign showing you where to go.


If life isn’t fair, then the rules you have made up about life are holding you back.


The Truth is that The Uni-verse wants us to be happy. The Uni-verse is an abundant place, but it is also literal. ~Mastin Kipp

Boom you rock my socks every single morning. I thoroughly enjoy waking up to my Daily Love emails. I have finally gotten around to using some of the inspiration I’ve been saving in my inbox. Part of me loves it because it links me to an inspired, loving community. Keep going Brittany. Keep writing. Keep believing. Because this statement above rings true right through my core. We create our experiences. I’ve been writing about it all week. That’s because I believe. I believe life is good. I believe in my dreams. I believe the best is on it’s way. The right stuff is on the way. I am taken care of. I am taken care of by the universe.

I find at work there can be a bit of complaining. I tune out. When faced with complaining I do not comply. I refuse to believe I’ve been shit on or handed the short straw in life. I refuse to feel sorry for myself. I am not going to RSVP to that pity party. I am not going to bitch. Life does not suck. Life is the opposite of sucky to me. I am so irrevocably in love with life. It gives me energy. It brings me enthusiasm. The thought of a new day soars me to new heights. There may be no’s. There may be challenges. There may be struggles. Step away and know you’re being taken care of. Go with the gut. Believe in your intuition and know the right situations are coming your way. Yes I have struggles and challenges too, but I want to bring a positive attitude to life.

Your thoughts create your world. If you don’t trust people, that’s what you’ll attract-shady people. Worried and stressed? You’re bringing it upon yourself. Something I found entertaining is that my friend and her boyfriends family love to talk about me at family dinners. Comment, “Brittany can go on all these couch surfing, hitch hiking adventures, but if it was me I’d be locked in a basement. Brittany goes out and makes friends.” Bingo! Believe there is good in people and that’s what you’ll get. Step back from judging people, allow them to be themselves, let them shine. I make friends and often meet lovely people (especially lately when I’ve had car trouble) because I believe they’re good. There is some commonality, some way for me to relate. I let them be a reflection of me. I’ve even told a lady once when I started working at the hospital when she told me we needed to talk and not to believe everything I hear, “How about this, how about you be yourself and that will be enough.” Don’t try to impress me. Don’t try to make me happy. I do that, it’s my responsibility. Don’t try to be cool. Don’t even try to be well-behaved and good. Be yourself. If you curse like a sailor, go ahead. Don’t worry about offending me. If you want love, give love. If you want to be happy, start feeling happy.

But really stop bitching. Stop stressing and thinking life sucks. It doesn’t. Mastin is right. Your thoughts suck. Choose differently.


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