Living for those Little Moments

Our little moments matter!

Recently I woke up for the second time nestled in between my two beautiful nephews. One with my stolen pillow, the other somehow laying in the opposite direction of where he started. It just fills my heart to be so blessed. These little moments, something so small really makes life a great experience. Laying down to watch Monsters University and having Gavin lay his arm across me and say, “I love you Britt.” That is a moment. Going goose hunting with Trenton, laying in my blind just to hear Trenton yell, “Britt, watch I learned how to ride a goose.” Then popping up in time to see him climbing on top of a goose decoy like he is riding a horse. A hilarious moment. Having the twins come over and closing my eyes as Archer takes a nap on my chest. Watching a movie with them and having Fletcher just smile every time I look at him. Walking around the reservoir with my dad talking about bird flight plans, or silently shooting our bows together in the snow. Just getting in the car with my friends, Tab in her robe, to get pizza for heartbroken Chelsey, dancing, singing, and laughing, taking a moment to just be present together, having fun. Letting go. Saying yes to working in the concession stand for my sister. Standing with my mom, aunt, cousin, grandma, and sister have fun serving pizza, pretzels, popcorn and hotdogs. All the car rides I get with my momma where we can just talk. A run after work in the snow. The fire in my legs, the burn in my chest, the great feeling of being alive, of moving, of adventure. These little moments are what makes great.

So often we look for a BIG event. A wedding. A graduation. Being sixteen. Being 21. A vacation. Even though these times are special, we spend most of our time in little moments. Life is made up of little moments. You don’t get to graduate without going to school. Showing up. Making friends. Walking to class. Opening your books. Without taking each test. Spending nights studying. All these moments bring the big one. Weddings are fun, but love happens every day. It’s a moment-to-moment commitment. It’s an ACTion. It’s in each look. Each conversation. In listening. In being vulnerable. In each struggle. In each date. In each hand hold. In each hug. In each kiss. Love happens everyday. In little moments, not just a big ceremony.

I just wanted to take a second to share my gratitude for these little moments. Enjoy them, they happen one after the other, after the other. Being thankful for them allows you then to just BE grateful all the time.


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