Beauty Bliss: Toni

This week I am back with an interview on Beauty. I sat down and talked with my aunt Toni. Holy eye-opener Toni brought up some wonderful perspectives, which I had never thought of before. Which is the purpose of this project, to learn, to share, to hear from real-life women. Let’s start with the number:

4% of women think they’re beautiful.

She agreed this number is low, and disagreed that this number is actually higher. What I found enlightening, and true was her thoughts on our family. If you took the Paulin women and put them in a room together, this number would be much higher. And she’s right I’d say at least 3/4 if not much higher would say they believe they’re beautiful. Are we the exception and not the rule, though? Conditioning, how we’re raised. I think that comes into play here. I have a radical, loving family. We are close-knit and out-spoken. But we always encourage each other.When push comes to shove we all love one another. Growing up my parents made me feel loved. They encouraged me to believe I was smart, that I was beautiful. They allowed me to be myself and to love myself. Not everyone has this. I am blessed, because I think back to a conversation I had with a friend who told me straight-up, “my mom doesn’t like me.” I think of my unconditional love from my mother and I have a hard time relating. How do you develop confidence, when you don’t feel loved? Our actions and spoken words are powerful. How do we use them? How do we treat others? What do we say them? And why not use them for good? Why not give compliments and encouragement? Why not tell the people you love, that you do indeed love them? Why not show them? Why not tell someone they’re beautiful? Because as Toni pointed out:

Beauty is only skin deep. Everyone has some quality that makes them beautiful. ~Toni

I also really loved Toni’s answer on when she feels most beautiful. If life is about serving and giving, then sharing is a wonderful, beautiful feeling. Toni feels most beautiful when:

When I’m sharing something. An experience. A talent. Food I’ve grown in my garden. All those things are what bring me confidence and make me feel beautiful. ~Toni

Change? Change starts with us. With me. With you. With our thoughts. With our words. With our actions. We have the power to feel beautiful. We have the power to make others feel beautiful, and loved. Start. Start today. Start changing the way you see yourself. Start by telling someone else they’re beautiful. Start with your daughters. Start in our schools. Don’t wait. Do it now. Today. Change starts today with you and I and don’t stop until you believe it.

How do we change? Building confidence in young girls. Actual beauty as far as looks, is only skin deep. Continue to tell them, until they believe it. ~Toni


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