The Perception Trap

#perceptionSometimes I catch myself on the verge of making a decision, held back by the perception trap. I make assumptions about how others will perceive my choices. Then I call bullshit on myself. Stop. Stop letting others rule your life, put on the crown, sit on your thrown and rule out some major authenticity.

Create your own definitions. Decide what success, failure, wealth, health, beauty, strength, realness, fun, and more, mean to YOU. What is fun for you? What are you passionate about? What makes someone else beautiful? What makes you beautiful? What determines strength? What is does financial freedom look like to you? What is love for you? What is romance? What brings you joy? What is stylish? What are YOUR dreams? Only you can answer these questions. Don’t be a puppet in the story of your life. Write it. Participate. Create.

Raise your hand if you’ve fallen into the perception trap? My own hand is held high right now. I am a recovering perfectionist. Now I am a radical self-love, revolutionary self-believer. Previously though, I sought to be perceived as perfect. Letting others or society shape/influence who I was. I wanted to seem like I had my shit together. A total, boring, hit the snooze button goody-goody. Who has ever written a post thinking of how others will respond? Who dresses how they think is cool? Who portrays themselves in the best light? We put ourselves out there to create enviable lives. We’ve got our shit together. But where are we? Where is the weirdness we try to hide? Where’s the inner nerd? Where’s our style? Where’s our flair? Where’s our personality? Where is our true passion? Where are our dreams? Where is our voice? Where are our true feelings? Where is our vulnerability? Where are we?

Why let the assumed perception hold us back? We’re afraid. Afraid of being perceived as failures. As poor. As something less than perfect, less than everyone else. We’re afraid to show we struggle sometimes. We’re even afraid of our true potential. We’re afraid to shine. Afraid to be too happy. Bullshit! You are enough. You are NEVER a failure. Don’t fall into the perception trap. Wear the crown and lay down the law. You are full of potential. You are full of love. You are full of passion. You are beautiful. You are smart. You are capable. Own it. Believe it. Be it. Be yourself, perception free.


2 thoughts on “The Perception Trap

  1. OMG! Brittany, Perfect timing because I can wait no longer to share this AMAZING resource with you and your “Beauty Bliss” followers. The program is complimentary to discover your Beauty Profile energy type. It has IMPROVED my life in fantastic ways in the last 45 days. It ties in beautifully with your video series and increasing the percentage. Each woman learns WHY she hasn’t been feeling beautiful and it isn’t her fault, how she is naturally beautiful, and then she discovers how to align with her energy.

    What an eye-opener to honor who I am and begin living my truth! Now, I want to share it with everyone because it is helping me with family, marriage, friendships, and job opportunities. Yay! Here is the online video course ( compliments of me and Carol Tuttle. YOU, Miss Brittany, are going to LOVE this. Together, we are going to get that number up from 4%!

  2. Thank you so much Beth, I love the enthusiasm. Empowering and making my Beauty Bliss project better this year has been on my mind a lot lately. I’ve signed up! So far I’ve realized I am definitely a type 1. Inspiring stuff, I look forward to more videos and sharing. Thank you for sharing with me 🙂

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