Dear 2014

017Dear 2014,

            I fucking love you! I know we only just met, and this journey has just begun but I am teeming with excitement. I am pumped for the climb of a lifetime. We are going to be fast friends. You will be the best year of my life, the BEST Brittany. We are going to have so much fun. I can’t wait to see what is in store. A year of dreams. A year of building. A year of bliss. Shall we? Shall we have the time of our lives, rock presence, and kick ass?

I know living in the moment ->>>>>>Presence<<<<<<- is where it’s at right now. And ‘why not?’ is my major prompt. When I am ready to go. When the ideas are flowing. When intuition is kicking me in the gut, ask ‘why not.’ This is the year of yes. A year of adventure. A year for drive. A year for ambition. A year filled with growth. With connections. Time to embrace my social butterfly. To laugh. To smile. To listen. To talk. To really dig deep and forge connections. To stay open. To be vulnerable. To shine and accept my inner let. Sparkle and shine baby, this year you will glow. CREATE, CREATE, CREATE your life, NOW. This year make it yours. Embrace it! Own it! Make it your bitch! Make it epic! Go for it!

Love more. Sleep more. Give more. Laugh and smile more. Bring more joy to the table. Forgive quicker. Pray. Believe in miracles. Be a miracle worker. Meditate more. Breathe deeply. Let go more often. Have fun. Go on adventures. Travel more often. Say what you feel more. Say I love you more. Do it.

What do you want in 2014? Start. Start today. Start making it happen. Declare 201 4 your year. Share what you want. Your hopes, your dreams. Ask for what you want. Tell 2014 what you want. Write a letter. I did. I sat down and wrote a declaration to 2014 of what I want, what is coming.

2014 I just met you, but I’m already irrevocably in love. We are going to have the time of our lives. Get ready!


Brittany Paulin


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