New Year, Better You

Yes!I think sometimes as a year ends and a new one sneaks up, we start thinking of creating a ‘new’ us. I think how about being a better you? My goal the next year is not to be a ‘new’ Brittany. I love this Brittany. I love my life. Hell I just love being alive. I am already a whole person, I don’t need to make another one. Instead I strive to be better. Each day is an opportunity to be a tiny bit better than I was the day before. So each day, starting today, right freaking now I think of my intentions. What are my intentions for life? What are my dreams? How do I make those happen? How do I build them? Life is full of potential, what do I want in my life? What do I want to create? I do I want to attract? How do I want to be? How do I wan to look? What intentions can I set today to keep building? How can I make this the best day ever? Prompt yourself. Ask questions. Dig deep, real deep. Get to know and love the person you are. Be better.

Today I can relax more. Today I can be more loving. Today I can serve better. Today I can push myself better in the gym with my kettlebells….on the mat in yoga….going through my tai chi……running fast. Today I can have a better hike. Today I can be better at letting go. Today I can love myself better. Today I can eat better, nourish more. Today I will sleep more and stress less. Today I will be impeccable with my word. Today I will give more compliments than judgements. Today I will write an extraordinary blog. Today I will take breathtaking photos. Today I will create my best stuff. Today I will bake the best cookies. Today I will kill it when I work on my cookbook. Today I will give more hugs, more smiles. Today I will open up. I’ll be vulnerable. Today I will remain positive. Today I believe. Today I am thankful. Today I am.

That new year is coming. How do you want to be better? What are your intentions? Set them! Set them for the year. Set them for the day. Set them for the moment. Make 2014 the best year of your life. Make a year of dream building. A year of fun. A year of adventure. A year of love. A year of well-lived life.

Thank you all so much for reading and following my blog. Writing has become a way for me to truly express myself and become vulnerable. It’s a way for me to explore. Explore my thoughts and feelings. When I’m joyful. When I’m struggling. When I’m inspired. It let’s me share. I am so appreciative to you all. Hope you have a happy holiday season and the best year ever. Lots of Love ~Brittany

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