Allowing: Sometimes it Takes Time

.In the Law of Attraction, you figure out what you want. You ask for it. Then you allow for it to happen. For me the challenge is the allowing. The patience is a challenge. In today’s world especially, we are used to/we want instantaneous results. We want to drop 5 pounds. We want to win a million dollars. We want our soul mates right now. We want it all and we want it now, is kind of our mentality.

I am a dreamer, so asking for what I want is a breeze. Although I have met several people who I have prompted with: what do you want? How do you want to feel? They could not open up, be vulnerable, dig deep and ask these questions. Start here, but as I said I’ve never had a problem with this (if anything I need to simplify). I can ask, ask, ask, ask. And I can feel it. I can feel myself how I want to be. But some of my dreams take time. Dreams take time to build. They take commitment. You have to lay foundation. I guess I believe in my dreams so much, I get a bit impatient with the allowing.

Then I STOP.  I remember to build. To be present. TO ALLOW. Keep asking. Keep up the vibration. It will come. It’s already on it’s way. There is a reason it hasn’t happened already. Patience little one. It will come when it is supposed to and not when you want. You do not always know what’s best.

Step back. Remain aware. Keep your thoughts aligned with what you want. See signs. Follow your intuition and freaking enjoy it. Enjoy the creative process of building. Allow it to happen. Don’t give up on it, then it will disappear.



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