Give a Compliment Today

ComplimentsGive a compliment today!

It feels good to get compliments. I can be a complimenting fiend. I can’t tell you how many I gave out at last months farmers market. And they were truthful, honest, and heartfelt. I believed in what I was sharing. And all it takes is a little vulnerability. Just a sentence. Plus it’s easy.

I have trained myself to catch people doing things right. To catch them doing good. To find something beautiful. So often we get caught up in judgement or pet peeves. We want to find what we don’t like, what is wrong. Let go. Let go of your perspectives and expectations. Step outside your comfort zone and start looking for the good.

There is beauty all over the place. Why not acknowledge it? It doesn’t have to be crazy, it can be simple: Sir you have a fabulous hat. Wow your beard kicks butt. I have even complimented on people’s energy telling them how enigmatic and fun they are to be around. Tell them they’re generous. Tell them they’re caring. Tell them they’re funny. Tell them they’re extraordinary. Tell them they’re creative. Whatever good you see, say it.

Last week my friend text me:

You are such a kick in the butt. Every good thing all rolled up in this gorgeous woman!

Boom, that is a compliment. Reach out. Connect. Be vulnerable. Spread cheer. Spread joy. It can be as easy as a spoken word, a facebook comment, a tweet (I had some tweet me that I was awesome, simple and so sweet it made me smile that a stranger took a second to connect with me), call. It just takes a little to make someone else smile. Words have power. Let yours be a positive force. Let the compliments flow.


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