What Makes You Beautiful

what makes you | beautifulMy cousin Angelica is a bit of a One Direction fan. Alright a lot of a fan. But I have a confession: after going to the movie with her, I too have a slight One Direction infection. Don’t worry I don’t think it’s too contagious. Anyways I have used the title of one of their songs as inspiration for today’s post.

I am a fan of choices. After reading Viktor Frankl I believe no matter what we always have a choice on how we perceive our worlds. I think we should define things for ourselves. But also those definitions don’t have to be set in stone. They can grow and change as we do. They can evolve over time.

Yep that’s right, we can define: strength, success, wealth, happiness, creativity, art, and today beauty for ourselves.

I think everyone has something beautiful to offer this world. I look for those things. To me it’s the differences. It’s in the aura of a person.

Authenticity is sexy. There is nothing hotter than being you. Than owning yourself, looks, personality and all. You say what you feel and think. You wear what you like. You have your own style, so it’s not about the brands or the actual clothes, but the confidence you accessorize it with. It’s not about your face or your nose. It’s about what you exude. The confidence. The charisma. The light, the sparkle, the freaking life in your eyes. The genuine joy that spreads across your face when you smile. Infectious happiness. You are beautiful and owning that expands your beauty.To me beauty is a feeling. Life, presence, connection, truth, giving, serving, compassion, motherhood are all beautiful. I feel most beautiful when I feel most alive. When I’m interacting with people. When I’m engaging. When I’m living in the moment. When I feel the moment. When I’m joyful. When I smile. When I laugh. I feel so breathtaking when I laugh. And it feels so good to let out a big laugh.

To me, I like tattoos. I have always liked art and tattoos are a beautiful canvas of art. Of self expression. Of growth. Of lessons. Of love. Of loss. Of challenges. Of strength. Of struggle. Of triumph. Of journeys. Tattoos are beautiful to me.

Scars. Man what we can learn from scars. I part my hair with pride to show my scar running across the stop of my head. It is a part of my story. A part of my journey. How much I learned from that experience and how much I continue to learn with age.

Eyes of course are beautiful to me. That’s where I start drawing. Little windows to the soul, as a spiritual being I am drawn to eyes, how much you can express in your eyes. Think of all the potential light you bring to your eyes? Challenge yourself. Challenge yourself to bring the life force you feel inside, to your eyes. People will be in awe.

Define things in your own life. Find what attracts you. Define beauty for yourself. Look for beauty.



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