Self Love: A Journey

Self love is a journey. A beautiful, breathtaking journey. A trail blazing path of ups and downs. Of BIG moments and major challenges. Today I love myself. Today I appreciate myself. Today I am perfect. Today I am whole. I am content. I am joyful. I am ENOUGH. It has taken awhile to get here and I falter sometimes, but today, right NOW this is how I feel.

I loved myself growing up. But it isn’t the unconditional, infinite love I embrace today. There are so many experiences, thoughts, and choices that have created them. I think a big one has been: PRESENCE. Truly living in the moment. Loving where I am, when I’m there. Smelling. Listening. Touching. Tasting. Breathing. Feeling. Being in the moment I have RIGHT NOW. How sweet that is! How good life feels when you take a moment to be in it. To love it. Embrace it. Because it is all we have. This time right here right now. The future is not a guarantee. And although the past has brought us to where we are now and has pushed us and made us grow and forged great memories, it is not today. In this moment you have a choice. You have many choices actually. You can decide how to feel. How to think. Are you joyful? Right now you can decide to love yourself.

Louise Hay has a spectacular little practice. Look in the mirror, at yourself, look in those eyes. Now tell yourself: I LOVE YOU. You may feel a little silly at first. I’m raising my hand right now to let you know that I felt silly. Then I threw off the cloak of my ego and fears and perception and I did it. I can look in the mirror today and say with conviction: I love you Brittany. Can you? Try it. Go ahead.

I think many times on a spiritual journey we focus on how we treat others. How we can serve others. How we can give. How we can judge them less. Beautiful, wonderful stuff, but we are people too. Why not treat ourselves with the same love, compassion, and awe that we do others? Why not compliment ourselves? Why not judge ourselves a little less? Helping others is being your best. I find I actually inspire people most simply by being myself. By being authentic. By being happy and letting things go. People are drawn to my vibration. Be your best and spark others to do better.

Self love is more than loving your physical self. So often we live in this physical realm and not a spiritual one. We judge ourselves and others by what we see. By what we wear, how we look, what size we are, how much money we have, how big our houses are, how nice our cars are. Sometimes we judge by the book covers and miss out on the glorious adventure inside. We miss the story. We miss the lesson. We miss the entire PERSON standing right in front of us. The body is our vessel. It is temporary. It changes. Physical beauty changes. It is not who we are. But the true us is always inside. That I AM is always at our core. See that. Feel that. Love that.

Give yourself permission. Permission to love yourself and others without conditions. Be and let be. Don’t pick apart what you see in the mirror. Find what you like. Look for the good, inside and out. Know the Universe will always take care of you. Know you always have a choice. Know that this moment is yours to choose, you can change. Embrace what you see. Embrace what you’ve been given. Love what you’ve been given. Don’t compare it to what someone else has. Love them and yourself simultaneously, because we are One after all.

Remember: I love YOU. You as you are right now. You are enough. You are beautiful. You are worthy of love. You are enough. You are whole.

Why not start the journey to self-love today? This very moment. Get a mirror and let the adventure begin.


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