Be Joyful

I enjoyed reading the Hick’s book The Law of Attraction. Part of it was being conscious of what you attract. You get what you ask for. What do you want? Boom, first answer:

I want to be joyful.

Now what? Ask for it and then allow yourself to be joyful. It can be easy to fall into the temptation of holiday stress, but a little awareness can keep you on your joyful game.

STOP. Take a moment. Take a breath. Relax. Everything is going to be okay. Stop stressing over what you have to get done. Of all the presents left to buy. Of all the money you’re spending. Of all the parties you have to plan and attend. Take a moment to love this time. My mother is radical. I love her so much. She has this saying on her chalkboard:

The greatest gift you can give someone is your time, because it’s something you’ll never get back.

Boom, beautiful! Thanks mom. That is what this time is about. Time. Time together. Because when you step away from your stress and present worries, you’ll see that what you’ll later look back on, is not all the gifts, but the memories. The traditions. The fun. The laughter. The games. You remember the joy. Why not be joyful then?

As I sit with my friends preparing to go out for a birthday dinner, I feel the tension. They stress over what time we have to be there. Then they stress more about being on time because they are late. They stress over what they’re wearing. About what to eat. About what gift to buy. STOP, I tell them. None of this matters. We are friends, stop creating stress in your life. I love you for you. I love to spend time with you. I don’t care where we eat, what you wear, what size you are, what you buy (if you buy me anything at all), how much money you have, or what you can do for me. I love you as you are. That is enough. Stop stressing. Let it go.

I still hold onto Rule #6: Don’t take yourself so damn seriously.

Decide. Decide you want to be joyful this holiday season and not stressed. Choice time. Choice smiles. Let yourself be silly. Let yourself have fun. Let yourself be present. Ask to be joyful and then allow yourself to be that way."Remember that your natural state is Joy"  Wayne Dyer    But it helps to have trusted loving hands around to catch you...


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