What Can I Create?

creativityI keep prompting myself with an assortment of questions: what do I want? What do I love doing? And now this week I find myself questioning:

What do you want to create?

I think the first two questions are essential to purpose, to igniting the passions in our life and giving us a direction, urging us to how we spend our time. Where we put our focus. This question today guides me more towards action. You have the dream, but what does it look like? Smell like? Feel like? What atmosphere are you creating? You’ve dreamed it, you’ve asked for it, you know you love it, now what do you do for it?

This year I have taken strides towards my dreams by getting into the farmers market, but after I left the market (besides the extreme high of feeling like this is where I belong) this week, I thought about: where do I go? I have this platform, now what? How do I dive in? What else do I want to do? Who do I want to become? What do I want to create with this? Especially as the new year approaches, that mental mentality of: let’s do better, sets in.

It is time to work on the brand: ME. As I work on my stand or I work on business cards and promotions, I think okay what is Bliss Delish? How do I serve from this spot? What else do I want to accomplish? How do I make my brand my sole driving force? How do I make it my sole source of income? How do I make it thrive and flourish? How can I help more people? What do I want to create? If I was looking in from the outside, what would make me think: damn that is cool! I want to be that chick. How do I become ‘that chick’ then? In 2014 what am I going to make happen?

So I have thought, I have dug deep and thought about it. I want to create:

  • A booming food business.  I want to make my BEST food. I want to create beautiful table presentations and make moan-worthy food. I want to cook more savory food. I want to cook for people. For parties. Boom, market yourself as a personal cook. That is what you like: to connect people through food. Do it. Put it on the card. Tell people. Don’t hoard it in your mind. Next market, leading up to the market, tell people!
  • I want to create my cookbook. With my photos. My humor. My personality. I want it to feel authentic.
  • I want to save for my Food Bus. I want to create that experience. The excitement of seeing the little mint and purple Bliss Delish Bus coming down the street. The hipster decor. Searching the blackboard sign for your delectable meal. The mouth-watering smells. The delicious savory and natural food. The fun. Good music music in the background. Smiles and laughter. Meeting new people. Sharing moments over food. I want to create that!for the volkswagen lover in candy apple green!  www.dreamyphoto.etsy.com
  • I want to really throw myself into creating my Beauty Bliss project the next year. I want a ‘studio’ and a video camera to talk to awesome women.  I want to dig deep, get vulnerable, learn, and create moving videos. I want to create a project where people will question conditioning. Where they’ll think of themselves differently. Where they’ll think of others differently. Where they’ll think of body image differently. Where they’ll be more loving towards themselves, and hopefully others. I want to create a space where people feel beautiful and loved, like they are enough.
  • I want to create my best self. I want to meditate. Be peaceful. Radiate high vibrations. Smile. Dance. Be vulnerable. Give love. Judge less. Serve. Give. I want to exercise and hike, hike, hike and hike some more. I want to  fuel and nourish myself. Whole-natural foods. Buy local. Buy grass-fed. Talk to farmers. Work with farmers. Hell I want to grow my own food.

I don’t want to just imagine my dreams, I want to create them (and I am). Each day I want to get better at creating the life and vision I have. Envision the brand. Know where I’m heading. And then do it. Let it be.

Ask the questions: what do you want? What do you love to do? What do you want to create? A new year is coming? Who are you going to become? Then take steps towards this. Keep the vision in your heart and do your best each and every day.



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