Do More of What You Love

I have a radical group of people around me. Period. I have kick ass friends and family. The BEST support system. In recent years I have come to realize I am richer in my relationships, connections, and love than any amount of money could rival. Lately I have been hanging out with my Aunt Toni in her craft headquarters, helping out. I have really come to enjoy this time. It is fun. I get to be creative. Get inspired. And I get to talk to my aunt and spend some quality time together. Time with my friends and family is better than any gift. What do you want for Christmas? I want you to do something with me? That’s it. Don’t stress about buying for me, spend time with me.

I digressed a little there, sorry. Really, what I came to realize today was an appreciation of the family of go-getters I come from. I am surrounded by people going for their dreams. Following their bliss. Doing things that make them passionate. When you dream big, though, you can be a little misunderstood. Their will always be critics, even within your family. Toni and I were talking about her repurposing/vintage work being her job now. I admire her doing what she loves. Being creative. Putting her all into her booth. Being creative is like giving up pieces of yourself. Not just your imagination, little pieces of what’s inside. What’s inside your head. What’s inside your heart. What’s inside your soul. Your energy, your vibration is embedded in what you make, sale, and give away. Do you know how vulnerable you make yourself? You are selling and presenting yourself to the world? Open for judgement. Open for disapproval. You are basically naked.

But you love it. That is the winning element. It makes the challenges, the journey, worth it! So last week I asked myself: what do you want? This week I reaffirm with: what do you love? Which I think is a great starting prompt to discovering your dreams, to determining what you want. I got this lesson from Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions too. What do you love to do? Love crafts? Love vintage? Be Toni. Repurpose. Create a booth. Love cooking? Love baking? Be like me. Become a baker. Apply for the Farmer’s Market. Make food for other people. Love to set goals? Love to work with people to help them reach their dreams? Be like my cousins Beth and Jacki. Coach. Be a goal-getter. Love training? Love health? Be like my parents. Train in kettlebells. Teach nutrition. I look at what my sister, mom, grandmother, and cousin have done selling scarves the last year. Go. If you love it, do it more. Don’t let your fears of uncertainty or success or judgement stop you. Set fire to your life by igniting your passions. Why not? Why wait? Yes there are challenges. Yes there are critics. Yes you have to be vulnerable. Yes there will be work to do. That is life. A journey. You have a purpose. Discover it. Discover yourself. Go for it, don’t defer your dreams.

Step Brothers style: shot out of a cannon, what do you love, GO? I love hiking, writing, connecting with people, baking, serving, and cooking for other people. I enjoy creating. Boom, now you go: what do you love. This is your life, your purpose, do more of what is on this list. Little actions at a time. Strap on your backpack and get to hiking (sorry I just watched The Way and on the line of finally giving in and saying YES I am going to hike the Appalachian Trail). Set out on the trail. Life is an adventure, start exploring.


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