Happy Birthday Me: Let’s Get Better

Okay so today is my birthday. What I have come to realize about age? It is irrelevant. It truly is just a number. It has nothing to do with how you feel. How healthy you. How wise you are. How experienced you. How much better you are. Just because you have been alive longer does not mean you have lived longer. It just means you could have had more time to be miserable longer. Twenty years of existing is not the same as 5 years of hard-core-I-can’t-get-enough-of-life, living. Give me 26 years of life love over 80 of anger. Sixty years of in a comfort zone doesn’t mean you have changed, grown, learned or truly gotten better. Trying to stay the same in the changing world just wastes time. Life is precious, why waste it?

My friends fear aging (they have declared they no longer have birthdays after the age of 25), I say bring it on. To me age now signifies opportunity. It excites me. To me it represents growth. I feel like I am on the verge of it all right and the potential and possibilities of the future years, make me giddy with enthusiasm.

I think of just a few years ago when I was 21/22. I think how far I have come since then. I think of how insecure I was. I think of how scared I was. Afraid to be myself. Afraid to be happy. Afraid to ask questions and think I can have my own perspective. Afraid of change. Afraid to be different. Afraid to be loving. Afraid to be vulnerable. I was drunk basically every weekend, speeding through time. Not remembering the ‘good’ times I had with my friends. I woke up with regrets. What did I say last night? What did I do? I did not like drunk Brittany, let alone love her. “But I’m having fun” is what I told myself. Yes I have some crazy memories and I loved being with my friends but my thoughts on fun have evolved. I have grown into joy. Into bliss. I really dig deep: what is fun to you Brittany? Today fun for me is connecting. Being with my family and friends, being present in every memory/moment fills me with love, gratitude and life. Fun is hiking. Fun is cooking or baking. Fun is writing and taking pictures. Fun is kettlebells classes, tai chi, and yoga. Life is fun.

With age I learn. I grow. I develop. I get more vulnerable. More loving. More authentic. I get bigger dreams. I get more confident. Today this 26-year-old me can say honestly that I love where life has taken me. I wholeheartedly love myself and this experience. I am excited for more birthdays to celebrate life. To celebrate growing. If this is how I feel at 26 what does the future hold? How freaking good does it feel to just be alive? Let aging coincide with growing. Let time make you better. Actually you decide to make the most of time.

.ther are advantages to getting older...


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