Beauty Bliss: Katie

Only 4% of women think they’re beautiful.

This is my awesome sister-in-law Katie. She graciously sat down with me to share with me her thoughts and feelings about beauty (note: the knocking in the background is her twin babies who were excited to hear what mommy had to say).

She too agreed with all the other women I’ve spoken with: 4% sucks. Okay, so I think we as women are at the first step-awareness. We seem to ‘know’ to accept ourselves, but somewhere along the line we falter. We question and get tripped up. Katie says the media is a part of this. We feel good, our husbands find us beautiful, but something holds us back from that all-consuming self-love. We look in magazines and on t.v., and that little voice starts to unravel us. We are told, ‘that is beautiful.’ Well if that is beautiful, and I don’t look like her, then…..hmm? Cue in the fear, the ego, self-doubt, and self-sabotage. When we play the comparison game we lose. We spend our life chasing. We are never enough. If we are never enough, how can we ever find joy, if we can see the perfection in this very moment.

Where does the journey to self-love begin? Where does the road to acceptance start? How do we become enough? How do we change the standards? How do we change the media? I think the answers are out there, if you look for them. Just like Katie pointed out with the Jessica Simpson bit, beauty is different from culture to culture. There are a multitude of people out there preaching self-worth and extra ordinariness. Find them. Make them. Become one of them. If you don’t like the image being created. Don’t believe it. Don’t buy in. Make your own discoveries. Be the first. Be a revolutionary. What is the tipping point? We are. You. Me. Katie. Our daughters. Ourselves. All. Believe for yourself. Decide to be a part of the YES community.

Thank you Katie for reminding us to just BE ourselves and rock we have.


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